10 Best Heart Rate Monitors

Heart Rate Monitors

There is a good news for people with heart ailments. Now, you need not visit the diagnostic center time and again to have a check up of your heart. Thanks to the modern technology, with the help of which you can do this check up at your home. This all has become possible with a machine known as heart rate monitor. It is actually a personal monitoring device that allows a person to measure the heart rate in real time. You may also record your heart rate for some future reference. If you think, your heart rate is not normal and you need to visit your doctor, you can measure the heart rate and can keep record of it. Earlier there were bulky monitoring boxes with a pair of electrodes. But now, new easy to carry and inexpensive monitors have been designed. You can carry them with you anywhere you want. Some of the most selling advanced heart rate monitors have been listed below for your convenience.

1. DUO 1025

Price: $44.49

DUO 1025

Duo 1025 is an easy to carry heart monitoring device that looks somewhat like a wrist watch. This device is available separately for both, men and women. We know that both men and women have different normal heart rates. Keeping this fact in mind, this device has been designed accordingly. It can be used in two ways. You can have it with or without a chest strap. This chest strap is used for continuous heart rate monitoring. You can also use it without this strap. In this case, the readings from your finger are recorded. You have to touch the sensor and wait for some time. After few seconds, it will show you the accurate heart rate.


Its strapless on demand heart rate monitoring is different than others.It has a feature of showing heart rate in two ways. You can have beats per minute as well as percentage of your calculated maximum rate.

Pros and cons:

  • It has 7 workout memory. It means you can have a detailed feedback of your last seven recorded entries. You can compare from last entries and can easily analyze your heart rate.
  • It has back light as well as heart rate lock. Heart rate lock prevents accidental finger touch recognition of heart rate.

2. DUO 1060

Price: $ $93.25

DUO 1060

Duo 1060 is the latest offering from Sportline. This heart rate monitor is a special one. You can have your heart rate monitored by just touching the metal with the finger. It makes it very easy to use and is a simple device too.


Duo 1060 has a large screen that makes it an easy to read monitor.It has metallic border that looks great.The best thing is that this heart rate monitor is loaded with a number of features that make it the most selling monitor.

Pros and cons:

This heart rate monitor has a number of features. Features include stopwatches. It has a timer, alarm etc. These features cannot be seen easily in other such devices.

3. EPulse Heart Rate Monitor

Price: $119

EPulse Heart Rate Monitor

This heart rate monitor measures your heart rate continuously. It actually measures the rate for all types of activities. It actually shows the effect of the exercise done by you in any specific time period. This way, you can know how much you should workout to get the best results.


It is very easy to clean a device. You can rinse it with your hands too.It continuously records your current exercise heart rate.It allows a person to determine how many calories is required to be burnt in a definite time period to get the most desired results.The most important thing about this device is that if you use it several times a day, it automatically adds your burned calories and displays the total for the complete day.

Pros and cons:

You can plan your exercise time with the help of this device. It has become possible only because it has the record of exercise that you have done in the whole day.

4. Doppler Heart Rate Monitor

Price: $110

Doppler Heart Rate Monitor

Doppler heart rate monitor is designed to keep a record of the heart rates of your child. It is made for all those mothers who have to visit the hospital each time to have a heart checkup of their small children.


It is very easy and simple to use. You can listen to the heart beats of your children with the help of inbuilt speakers. It has three different modes. According to your requirement, you can select any mode. You may have the real time reading of heart rates as well as can average it for a certain period of time to get the best possible results.

Pros and cons:

  • This baby heart rate monitor is unique due to its superior features.
  • You may customize the device as per your own requirements.

5. Oregon Scientific SmartHeart SE102

Price: $36

Oregon Scientific SmartHeart SE102Oregon heart rate monitor is actually very simple and easy to use monitoring device available in the market these days. This compact heart rate monitor has many features that give it an edge. It has different settings for measuring heart rate and number of calories burned. This is a very simple device and any person can easily understand its operations.


This heart rate monitor is very simple to use. It has different modes and you can switch between them with just a simple tap. It has both upper and lower heart rate alert feature.

Pros and cons:

  • This heart rate monitor is much simpler.
  • It uses wireless signals to transmit the records from chest belt to the watch. For this, it uses batteries.

6. Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

Price: $28.49

Garmin Heart Rate Monitorc

Garmin heart rate monitor is an easy to use simple monitoring device. It continuously monitors your heart rate, calories burned and has special modes for running, biking etc. It is a completely versatile personal trainer with a digital display.


It continuously monitors your heart rate and you can know whether your training is enough or not. You can switch between two modes in just a touch. You can also order this device over internet.

Pros and cons:

  • Garmin heart rate monitor is an easy to use heart rate monitor with various modes.
  • Each mode is made for special purpose like running and exercise etc.

7. Ekho E-10

Price: $39.10

Ekho E-10

It is a very accurate monitoring device. It shows an immediate feedback of your heart rates. This device makes listening to your heart easy and affordable. It helps you to focus on workouts without any problem.


This device is very accurate and it is its biggest merit of going for it. It has various functions like current heart rate and ECG. The most important thing, it is a watch too.

Pros and cons:

  • With a long list of functions, it is an interactive exercise equipment.
  • It has a watch that has a number of features. It will show you time and date.
  • It is very affordable too.

8. Pyle Sports PHRM38

Price: $29.99

Pyle Sports PHRM38

With an LED backlight feature, Pyle sports PHRM38 is an easy to understand and affordable heart rate monitoring device. It has a display off feature to save the battery life of your device. It has date and time feature and also has an alarm setting for the daily maximum heart rate alerts.


It has a stopwatch that makes it the most energy efficient device. You can also average your daily heart rates to come to the more accurate feedback. Just record the feedback collected each day and show it to the doctor when you go for regular visits.

Pros and cons:

  • With a number of unique and easy to understand features, Pyle sports PHRM38 is the best heart rate monitor.
  • It has separate functions for watch and monitoring device.
  • It saves your money by working on the most energy efficient modes.

9. Polar FT60

Price: $127.77

Polar FT60

People who wish to improve their health know that the best approach is to go for a smart training. If you are on some training then Polar FT60 is the best buy for you. It is a very interactive device that answers many of the health related questions in just a touch. It also helps in understanding your current level of fitness. This way, you can reach your goals more quickly.


This device is different than others. It is the most accurate device to monitor your heart rates. It is the most advanced and innovative version of heart rate monitoring devices. The best thing is that it displays your heart rate as a percentage of the maximum times your heart beats. Don’t you find it a bit interesting? This feature is most important for those with abnormal rates. Many people go on hard training. It is very good, but the only limitation to go for such training is that most of you will quit it much before the time. It will give you no benefit. Keeping this fact in mind, this device has been designed. It will surely help you in getting the best from your training.

Pros and cons:

  • It has an inbuilt alarm system that will start ringing as soon as you go above or below your target training zone. This is the best thing about this device.
  • It allows a person to adjust his schedule so that he can get the maximum benefit from workout.
  • It is highly personalized and easy to use heart rate monitor. It provides best results.
  • You can also get workout goals every week. Just like personal trainer, it will help you in keeping your body fit and healthy.

10. FT80 Heart Rate Monitor

Price: $253.00 – $329.95

FT80 Heart Rate Monitor

FT80 heart rate monitor is an easy to understand monitoring device. This device has a lot of functions making it the best heart rate monitor ever. It has a personalized training program. This program helps you in doing better workouts. This device will give you weekly targets and adjusts itself accordingly. This is the smart device with best features.


The best thing about FT80 heart rate monitoring device is its automatic age based target zone. It means the device adjusts itself according to your age. It will give you targets as per your age only. It also has a graphical target zone indicator. It will help you in knowing how much you have to do more to achieve the weekly set target. It is like having a personal round the clock trainer with you. It has audio and visual display functions. It shows where your current heart rate lies as compared to the targets set by you. This will help you in taking the precautionary actions in time.

Pros and cons:

  • It has two year warranty. This further makes it an attractive buy.
  • It measures your aerobic fitness at rest too.
  • Fitness check is very easy and quick. You can do it in just few minutes.
  • A person can also activate a target zone in the midst of training. In just few clicks of the button, you can have a complete customized target zone for all individual exercise sessions.
  • It also has a code in it. It just works like password and prevents the unnecessary recording of the heart rates of other persons who may wear it out of curiosity.
  • It also has a recording mode in it. With the help of this mode, you can track your average and maximum heart rate.

Heart rate monitors are very easily available in the market and any one can go for these devices. These are very helpful for those with heart ailments. People with abnormal heart rates can go for these devices and have a check on their heart. These devices are not so expensive and any person can purchase these devices with ease. These days, most advanced monitoring devices are available in the market with a long list of functions. Separate monitors are available for small children and women too. With the help of all such devices, you can easily have a check on your fitness.

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