What to eat and what to avoid with periodontal disease?

periodontal disease

Swollen or bleeding gums are the early signs of infected gums. If ignored, the infection can soon turn out to be severe. It may harm the structures supporting the teeth in your jawbone and eventually your teeth will get loose and have to be extracted. The best solution to heal your gums is to focus on a healthy diet.

Oral hygiene

Find out the best foods to incorporate in your diet and what to avoid with periodontal disease so that you may heal and prevent the gum disease. A majority of people are suffering from periodontal diseases.

Plaque bacteria are the chief cause of periodontal disease. Other than these oral habits, medicines and other diseases may also increase the risk of gum diseases and make the infection worse than what it was set in.

The progressive gum diseases may be stopped with a combined approach of three essential elements:

  1. Oral hygiene
  2. Professional care
  3. A diet to fight gum diseases

All these three elements are essential for long term mouth health.

Be sure that you have good oral habits and you are not an intentional agent causing harm your gums. While dental hygiene is essentially important for fighting gum diseases, but a diet plan to make gums healthy again is more effective in treatment and should be placed at the top of your priority list.

Key nutrients to fight gum diseases


If a body is healthy, it is naturally capable of fighting with gum diseases. However, there are a few essential nutrients that could be more effective. The most important key is to consume such foods that could nourish your dental micro biome. Make sure that there are right nutrient blocks in your food to cure periodontitis and follow the guidelines below:

The aim is to eat foods which are high in:

  1. Co- enzyme Q 10 (Co Q10): CoQ 10 is an important antioxidant which is present in our body and is needed for proper functioning of the cells. Studies have suggested that people who are sufficient in CoQ 10 are less prone to gum diseases. Even if there is adequate CoQ 10 in your body and you have gum diseases too, the concentration of CoQ 10 in gums will increase which will suppress the further progression of periodontal inflammation.
  2. Collagen: In case you are suffering from a gum disease, your gums will reorganise the makeup of tissues to deal with inflammation which may result into the dehydration of collagen. So in order to combat the situation and cure periodontitis, your food to eat should have adequate collagen.
  3. Catechins: These are the antioxidants and phenols to fight diseases. Catechins are effective in treating periodontal diseases by inhibiting harmful bacteria which may prevent the gum inflammation.
  4. Vitamin C: Studies have proved that diseases of gums are associated with lower levels of Vitamin C. By increasing the intake of Vitamin C, the immune system of the body can be boosted so that it may fight with the bacteria causing diseases and regenerate the gum health. Also vitamin C is needed for the maturation of collagen which may keep the periodontal tissues and ligaments healthy.
  5. Beta Carotene: Food rich in Beta Carotene will help to heal the gum diseases in a better way. It is a pro vitamin which could reduce inflammation.
  6. Omega- 3S: Omega- 3 is well known for its anti inflammatory property which is needed for the immune system to work properly. Studies have found that the intake of omega-3 is inversely related with gum diseases.

Increasing the intake of each of these important nutrients is essential to tackle the gum diseases. Make a proper diet plan to make gums healthy again. Also you will be able to support the oral micro biome in a more effective manner if you consume less harmful foods.

What to avoid with periodontal disease

healthy food

Consuming the right food for your oral health is undoubtedly essential but along with that one must know what to avoid with periodontal diseases. Avoiding the harmful foods in your regular diet could make a huge difference. Check the list below to know what to avoid with periodontal disease:

  1. Soda: It is not a surprising fact that soda is worse than any other food to cause gum problems. Soda has high amounts of sugar and acids which could break down the tooth enamel and allow the bacteria to grow and then eventually decay. Sugar is really bad as the plaque bacteria is the sugar lover. It converts sugar into acid causing further damage to gums. Caffeinated sodas are extremely bad as they could dry out mouth too.
  2. Sport drinks: Sport drinks may be healthier than sodas but when we talk about oral health, they are not a good choice. A study revealed that the sports drink could weaken the enamel of the tooth due to high sugar or acid content.
  3. Fruit juices: Fruit juices have many essential vitamins but are not good for oral health. Juices are high in sugar and the bacteria in your mouth may feed on it to release acids. Also the most popular types of juices are highly acidic especially tomato or cranberry juices. To reduce acidic content in juices, try peach, carrot or apple juice.
  4. Sticky Candy: Candies contain essentially pure sugar which is the worst food to eat. Sticky candies like gummy bears or caramel grips on your teeth and encourages growth of bacteria. Lollipops are also a complete NO for the same reason. As lollipop is kept in mouth for a long time while eating, a plenty of bacteria grows which may get wild by time.
  5. Dried fruits: Though dried fruits contain essential antioxidants and vitamins, they are not good for oral health due to sticky texture and high sugar content. Just rinse your mouth after eating it.

Food is just like a medicine and it is not at all an exceptional fact that food influences gum diseases. One must consider what to avoid with periodontal disease and make the diet plan accordingly.

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