Try These Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food For A Healthier Life

Alternatives to Junk Food For A Healthier Life

It is commonly believed that healthy diet is not tasty; and no one would want to eat food that is tasting like a leaf or dirt, especially in comparison to junk food! Studies have indicated that always in a race against health and cravings, the later wins. But as we all know, eating healthy is obligatory for obvious reasons. In this regard, the University of Spoon has suggested healthy alternatives to junk food. Their motto is not to stop your craving, but to swap it!

With this recent publication, it has now been very clear and evident that a number of healthy food substitutions are available on this God’s green earth that can surpass unnecessary excuses of culinary incompetence, cost, and lack of time to promote apathetic eating habits. Moreover, it would also be quite surprising to know that thishealthy junk food list can be obtained from our kitchen itself.

Points to ponder about fats and calories

daily diet

It has never been insisted by experts that the healthy substitutes of your guilty pleasures should always be low in fat and calories. Many diet food available currently in the market have been studied and confirmed to have low nutritional importance as compared to their fattier versions. Generally, the fat in these low-fat products is compromised with excessive quantities of salt, sugar, and artificial additives that are proven to be dangerous for your health.

It is very important to understand that certain fats are good for us and should be a part of our daily diet that can help us to shed those extra kilos. We need to keep very realistic goals that should emphasize in feeling good and healthy, rather than reducing those numbers on weighing scale.

In this regard, the post isintended to help you cut down on calories by opting for a healthy alternative to junk food.

Healthy alternatives to junk food cravings

Sweet potato wedges

You evening hunger craving is always appreciated by the enticing aroma of French fries. However, if you can steer your attention towards sweet potato wedges that are baked in coconut oil instead ofdeep fried versions, your willpower and patience will be highly rewarded with many health benefits. With this healthy alternative to junk food, all the benefits of coconut oil can be obtained and you will save yourself from artery-clogging fats and unsaturated salt that has exceptionally negligible nutritional value.

Banana Oat Pancake

Banana-Oat-PancakeMany of us are always looking out for some healthy, easy to make, yet satisfying breakfasts for our weightloss mission. It is always boring to look around for eggs on your breakfast table. How about stumbling upon banana oat pancake? They are indeed supereasy to make, and since banana can add upto sweetness; you don’t really have to look for maple syrups for your early morning feast!

Grilled oven cooked meat

Your cravings for a fried chicken burger or kebabs can be satisfied with your own cooked meat dishes made from grilled or oven cooked meat; without even leaving you in a trauma of your weight gain. Surprisingly, this healthy alternative to junk food can be prepared according to your choice and taste preferences, while giving you more satisfying results within no time.

Ice Creams

Ice CreamsEvery one of us is amazingly attracted towards icecreams, but binging upon too much of it cannot be a right choice! You will now be delighted to know that you can easily satisfy your ice cream cravings by swappingthe same with its healthier alternative- the vegan ice cream. But before acting as if, by choosing it over to ice cream, you have made a mediocre compromise; think about the wide array of combination you can make with your choice of fruit, flavored yogurt, honey, and chopped nuts.

This healthy alternative to junk food can really be enticing in terms of its nutritional values, being low in saturated fat, and loaded with minerals, probiotic bacteria, minerals that can certainly promote your optimum digestive capacity and overall health.


These healthy alternatives to junk foodare the best way to stay away from the donut shops, fulfilling your motive for avoiding baked products. This protein-packedenergy balls are easy to make in the comfort of your home and can satisfy your cravings for donuts, without feeling guilty.

Protein bar made from chocolate

Protein barWithout considering this a shameless promotion of certain products, you can actually get an idea of how every day convenient food can be converted into a nutritionally loaded healthy alternative to junk food!

Loads of healthy junk food recipes are available for helping you to make your own super food bars, made from granola, oats, quinoa, coconut flakes, almonds, flax seeds, chia seeds, etc. A clean whey protein can be added into it to get that additional protein boost.

Brownies and cakes made up of black beans

Flourless brownies made from black beans can be a pretty odd choice;but if you calculate its nutritional value, it can definitely be considered as a far better alternative to conventional cupcakes and brownies. With the right blend of cocoa powder, black beans,and low sugar substitute, you can now make a perfect browny without the noticeable beans.



If you don’t want to keep pasta out of your diet, you can replace it with the spaghetti squash made in your own kitchen. You can make your own pasta with the help of spiralizer. Be generous to sprinkle little amount of cheese to satisfy your cravings.In the end, it is much more a healthier alternative to the one believed to you over a phone.

Fruit sparkling soda

Your conventional soda craving can be fulfilled with sparkling water from fruits, which can be prepared from lightly crushed, squeezed fruit juice made up of sparkling water to satiate your cravings for soda. Ignoring the health myths abound, sparkling water has the certainly higher amount of nutritional value, making you feel fuller as compared to its carbonated version.

Thus, with these healthy alternatives to junk food, it is always possible to live best of your healthy life!

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