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Tips to Stay Healthy in a Cold Weather

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Stay Healthy in a Cold Weather

A cool climate is a lot of fun but only if you can avoid falling sick. Numerous people, regardless of covering themselves with warm clothes, manage to catch a cold and have runny noses for many days when the weather gets cold.

In fact, according to reports, around 20 percent of Americans get a flu each year. This is because wearing warm clothes isn’t sufficient to protect yourself from a chilling climate; so, you need to do more.

Let’s have a look at some effective tips to help you stay healthy in a cold weather:

Eat Hot Foods To Keep Warm

It is vital to keep your body warm when the temperature falls below zero. Besides wearing warm clothes, you need to turn to foods that can help keep your body warm.

These include:



Ginger contains thermogenic property that helps your body keep warm in extreme temperatures. You can make ginger tea by adding ginger roots to brew. Other than that, there are many other benefits of consuming ginger, especially in winters. It promotes blood flow, discharges poisons from the body, cures a bad stomach and also helps in eliminating migraines that happen in winters.


You can prepare a hot soup by including a number of hot spices, especially chillies. You can also add onion as it helps to increase perspiration in winters. Turmeric is another good option to include in your soup because it helps remove excess moisture, especially in winters.



One should avoid foods that are loaded with salt, sugar and fats in winters and turn to foods that are high in minerals and vitamins such as vegetables. Green vegetables are said to have antioxidant properties that help clear dampness from your body. Furthermore, vitamins like B3, folic acid and cobalamin help regulate the nutrients inside the body and reduce fatigue.

Avoid Being In Snow Or Rain For Too Long

It may be a delightful experience to enjoy cold rains and snow but one should avoid spending too much time outdoors because it can cause hypothermia (a condition where the body’s temperature drops too low and affects the brain).

If you go in rain or snow, make sure to dry yourself as soon as possible and spend some time in front of fire. Other than this, if you have any health issues, such as asthma, then you must pay special attention to the weather and your medication, as winters can cause serious issues to people who suffer from breathing problems.

Carry your pump at all hours and use medications to stay safe. Many drugs are similar to Symbicort and can be used, but not without your doctor’s consent.

Install A Heater

heaterHomes can get chilly in the night and you may catch a cold while you’re asleep. Installing a heater can greatly help in such a weather as it can help regulate temperature.

However, keeping the heater on all day and night can give you a huge bill. This is why getting a heater that works on a thermostat is your best bet as it can turn itself off when the desired temperature is achieved.

Other than that, make sure that your home is nicely packed so that heat doesn’t escape.

Say No To Drugs

According to reports, drug abuse causes more deaths in winters than in summer. The reason being, blood flow is slower in winters which is why the risk is increased. Therefore, drugs must be avoided when the weather is cold. But, this does not mean that you can consume drugs in summers. Drugs are bad for your health no matter what the weather conditions are. You should avoid them at all times as they come with severe side effects.

Follow these tips to make sure you stay fit and healthy during winters.

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