Tips to lower your PSA count naturally

lower your PSA count naturally

The modern world is very concerned about health and wellness. With so many lifestyle diseases spreading their deadly fangs they are rightly concerned about their health. Prostate problems are a great headache for men above 50 and nowadays the age barrier is hardly very strict and we can find even younger people falling prey to prostate problems or even prostate cancer.

Here is all you might want to know about how to lower your PSA count naturally. This would be of immense help as you try to maintain a life free from prostate problems and evade the deadly prostate cancer.

What is the PSA count and why is it important?

lower your PSA count naturallyThe term PSA stands for prostate specific antigens. These are produced by a tiny walnut sized gland called the prostate gland which is a reproductive gland. However this is also a cause of great worry for middle aged men and older men as it is prone to several abnormalities leading to very serious conditions. When a blood test is conducted it is a normal scenario for a little PSA to appear in the tests but a higher PSA count could be an indicator to much more serious problems.

Some of the important tips to lower your PSA count naturally

1.     Cut down on the meat and dairy consumption


To lower your PSA count naturally, one of the first and foremost things that you need to do is have a check on your diet. Most of the people love meat but after a certain age it is important that you put the brakes on your meat consumption. Eating meat promotes the hormonal secretions that result in enlargement of the prostate gland. So according to doctors and experts worldwide, you need to stay clear of meat and consume meat in extreme moderation to evade prostate problems.

The same is the case for dairy products as the studies show that those who consume milk twice a day have a much larger risk of suffering from prostate related problems and this risk is almost twice in comparison to people who do not consume milk. A low fat vegan diet can prove to be a great solution for people who are seeking the right food to fight prostate cancer. 

2.     Increase tomatoes in your diet

You always knew tomatoes to be a healthy food option but let us also tell you that it also helps to lower your PSA count naturally. Tomatoes work wonders for the prostate and the results are there for all to see. Studies have shown that the consumption of tomatoes reduces the risk of prostate problems by a substantial 35% and that surely is a statistics you take a lot of heart from. Lycopene too has a an important role is alleviating prostate problems. This has even been firmly established by some studies conducted by Harvard.

3.     Get some exercise on a regular basis

man ready to excerciseIf you want to lower your PSA count naturally, only a diet would never be enough. You need to ensure along with it that you are getting a decent amount of exercise regularly. Exercises will be good for your body not just in terms of the prostate health but also your overall health.

Studies have gone on to show that those who indulged in a regular exercising routine, performed aerobics and yoga have been successful in bringing the PSA levels down in a quick time span of one year. Lowering PSA level fast is no easy task and you must abide by all that you are learning here to get best results. Exercises thus can never be skipped. Meditation too can be of significant help in lowering PSA level fast.

4.     Use the medicine Aspirin

This may come across as a surprise but you read it right. Aspirin works wonders when it comes to prostate health. It was already well established that Aspirin had a good impact on the heart but now studies have gone on to suggest that the use of this easily available painkiller that is sold over the counter has a huge role to play when it comes to your prostate health.

Aspirin does something to stall the developing cancer although it cannot directly stop a growing prostate. The oldest patients in this study conducted came up with the best of results from the use of Aspirin. To lower your PSA count naturally Aspirin is thus your magic drug.

5.     Pomegranate juice is your magic drink

Pomegranate juice is your magic drinkWe all know about the several health benefits of pomegranate juice. From lowering the bad cholesterol to keeping the heart healthy pomegranate juice is easily one of the healthiest drinks available. It also plays an important role in lowering your PSA count as studies have shown.

If you consume pomegranate juice on a regular basis your chances of developing prostate problems would be significantly low. If the patient has survived prostate cancer once and is trying to prevent it from returning, pomegranate juice is a huge help there as well.

6.     Avoid certain types of food

From excess alcohol to sugary beverages, eggs to fatty junk food they all are extremely harmful for your prostate health. So stay clear of such food and instead include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet.

7.     Maintain your weight

Maintain your weightObesity is linked to prostate problems so one of the easiest ways to stay healthy and avoid prostate problems is to maintain a healthy body weight. If you can work on that you would have a good chance to evade the problems posed by excess PSA.

Final words

It is important in today’s day and age that you know all about the prostate specific antigens. It is also a necessity that you are aware of the right food to fight prostate cancer. Now that you know it all from this article try to maintain your health to the best of your abilities. A healthy you is the road to a more productive you and we sincerely hope that this bit of knowledge would help you to maintain one.

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