The Before And After Effects Of The Ketogenic Diet

There are different forms of diet that are meant for various purposes.  Some diet forms are supposed to make you put on weight, while some others are designed to help you lose it. The ketogenic diet plan is one of the latter forms of dieting. The benefits of ketogenic diet are becoming quite popular as of late. People have started realizing its importance as well as the before and after effects of the ketogenic diet, and are adhering to it in order to improve their health.

Read on to know more about the importance, uses, and the before and after effects of the ketogenic diet.

What Is A Ketogenic Diet?


A ketogenic diet is low in carbs but high on energy used generally for weight loss. It causes the stored glucose in your body to breakdown and become a means of energy instead of adding more carbs to your diet.

In other words, effects of ketogenic diet include carbohydrate starvation, but in a healthy way. The high fat in the diet and the stored glycogen reserves act as the energy source, instead of relying on more carbohydrates. This state is termed as ketosis, and hence the name ‘ketogenic diet.’

Is the keto diet only associated with weight loss?

weight loss

The ketogenic diet is, no doubt, the ideal one for weight loss, since the stored fat is broken down to use. The fat reserves become the source of energy, bringing down your weight considerably. This can be quite visible in the before and after effects of the ketogenic diet.

Having said that, it would be extremely incorrect to classify a keto diet as ‘the diet meant for weight loss.’ Yes, the ketogenic diet is ideal for weight loss, but not limited to it.

Many athletes all over the world are put on this diet to help them perform better at sports. A high protein intake coupled with limited carbs is what makes up the diet for an athlete for a fit body and better mental focus; and there can be none better than a keto diet in this regard.

How Is It Different from Other Forms of Diet?


As mentioned before, ketogenic diet does not require carbs to meet the energy needs of the body.  It puts your body in such a state so that there is no need to keep consuming food at regular intervals to suffice your physical needs.

After being on a keto diet, you will find that you can go long intervals of time without eating before you start feeling starved. The before and after effects of the ketogenic diet are pretty apparent, and you won’t take long to realize it.

An individual on a keto diet can go for 4-6 hours in a row without a pinch. This is because the glycogen from the liver is already being put to use to provide for energy.

The Before and After Effects of The Ketogenic Diet:

The benefits of ketogenic diet occur in many forms. Here are a few changes that you will notice in yourself once you become accustomed to the keto diet:

Keeping Diabetes under check:


This is, perhaps, one of the most important beneficial effects of ketogenic diet. Type II Diabetes is a result of high insulin levels.

The condition that a keto diet puts your body into is characterized by a low insulin level in the bloodstream, thereby proving it to be beneficial for Type II Diabetes.

Being on the keto diet regularly and correctly for a considerably long time has even known to reverse the condition of diabetes.

Better mental focus:

mental focus

A ketogenic diet plan causes a good amount of ketones supply to your brain, which would have been blood sugar under usual circumstances.

This ketone supply ensures that your mental performance is improved efficiently. You will note the before and after effects of the ketogenic diet in yourself after a considerable amount of time spent dieting.

Reduced sugar in the diet:


This is, by far, the best advantage one can have as far as keto diet is concerned. Lesser the sugar in the blood, the better it is for your overall health in the long run. Having said this, you will find yourself at a much-lessened risk of diabetes than before.

Since your body is now looking at the stored carbs reserves, you will not have to worry about taking in more glucose or carbs.

Loss of weight:


After being on a keto diet for a month or so, you will definitely see your body taking shape. The obesity will slowly start declining after you shed a few kilos.

Also, the risks associated with putting on more weight like hypertension and cardiovascular disorders can also be negated.

Benefits of The Ketogenic Diet:


  • Several studies have proven that individuals who are on the keto diet live longer than most others who aren’t.
  • You learn to control your body and its appetite better and unhealthy hunger pangs can be eliminated by eating the right type pf foods at the right intervals.
  • People on the keto diet are at a much lower risk for Alzheimer’s or other brain and neurological disorders in the long run.
  • You feel more energetic and enthusiastic.
  • You can keep disorders like Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, HDL cholesterol issues, cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer at bay.


best diet plansMany people, as of late, have started resorting to the ketogenic diet in order to curb their sugar levels in the blood and to keep their weight in check.

Since there are plenty of other advantages too of being on the keto diet, it is nothing but beneficial to subject your body to it.

However, one must ensure that a keto diet is followed only when approved by your doctor, especially if you have a prior history of any medical illness or any such similar condition.

The sudden change from the before and after effects of the ketogenic diet may trigger your ill-health if followed without your doctor’s approval. Overall, the reviews of a keto diet from people who have been on it are quite extraordinary.

In addition to shedding those extra pounds, people have known to report increased energy levels and better mental performance, when speaking of the before and after effects of the ketogenic diet. If the above results are what you desire, you must definitely give the keto diet a shot.

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