Practical and Useful Supplements and Healthy Regimes for Bones


The process of healing of a broken bone is generally a long and uneasy one. True that the correct treatment will definitely lead to a healed bone over time, you can speed up this process by having a healthy diet. Make sure you even include food supplements for bones along with your meals so that your broken bone gets back into shape as soon as possible.

Whenever you encounter the situation of a broken bone, the best option to resort to is a high-calorific diet and supplements for bone health containing the essential vitamins, calcium, and proteins in it. You need to garner plenty of energy so that you don’t end up affecting your overall health in the long run. Here are a few food supplements that help with healing of bones, which work like magic in this regard.

Best food supplements for bones:


milkIt is nothing but common knowledge that calcium is the main ingredient in bones and the most important of all food supplements for bones in situations of bone injury. True that milk and green leafy vegetables are excellent sources of calcium; one needs to take in calcium supplements to ensure healthy and tough bones. Calcium supplements are necessary for menopausal women, people with bone injuries, and osteoporotic individuals.

Vitamin K:

This vitamin is rightly considered as a key marker of bone health. It exists in two types namely vitamin K1 and vitamin K2. It helps in the metabolism of the bones by acting as an enzyme for protein, along with protecting the cardiovascular system. In a recent study, it has been proved that vitamin K2 supplements help in postmenopausal women by reducing bone loss. Vitamin K tablets are essential for bone health, especially in cases of bone injuries.

Vitamin D:

vitamin D tabletsVitamin D is an essential ingredient in the diet and supplements for bone health since it plays a vital role in absorbing calcium into your bones. Without vitamin D, all calcium that you consume practically goes into waste. The natural source of vitamin D is sunlight, but vitamin D supplements play a major role in this regard too. Make sure you consume vitamin D tablets to ensure a healthy set of bones in the long run.


Along with calcium and vitamin D, zinc is equally important for bone health. Growth retardation mainly happens due to lack of zinc in your body, although it is only needed in minute quantities. Oysters are loaded with zinc.

Crabs, lobsters, chicken, and yoghurt too contain this mineral.Bone health is not dependent upon your age or sex. Any person of any age is advised to build and maintain healthy bones by taking zinc tablets on a regular basis. Zinc, be it through your diet or commercially-available supplements, work wonders in increasing your bone density.

Bone-building diet:

kiwiA bone-building diet is expected to be rich in calcium, proteins, magnesium, and vitamins. Some of the other food supplements for bones that you can consider with your doctor’s permission are as follows:

  • Calcium-rich foods: yoghurt, spinach, and dairy products
  • Magnesium-rich: flax seeds, avocados, and almonds
  • Vitamin-rich: vegetable juices, kiwis, bell papers, fruits and vegetables
  • Protein-rich: include seafood, chicken, fish, and red meat
  • Avoid alcohol and items which can greatly deteriorate your bone health

Healthy regime for bones:

Natural physical therapy:

Natural physical therapyOne of the most effective yet underrated methods or supplements that help with healing of bones is natural physical therapy. It consists of a treatment by standing on a vibrating platform and subjecting your bones to the sensation. A study conducted on Thalassemia patients showed that vibrating platforms do help with increasing bone density over a period of time. the subjects were exposed to vibrations for 20 minutes for 6 days a week for 6 months straight.

There was a significant increase of 2.6% in the BMC (Bone Mineral Content) of these individuals over 6 months. However, you need to do it under the supervision of an expert since there are a few precautions to be taken while doing it. Although it has been proved that natural physical therapy helps in increasing bone density, it does not have any kind of adverse impacts too.


AcupunctureAcupuncture treatment has paved its way into the healthy regime for bones fora vast majority of people all around the world. It is a traditional Chinese method which works out a mechanism parallel to the meridians of the body. Some published scientific studies have concluded that acupuncture results in fast recovery in fractures and also reduce the onset of low bone density and osteoporosis.

Essential oils:


Use of essential oils is also one lesser-known healing method and food supplements for bones. There are three essential oils which are very important, fir needle oil, cypress oil, and helichrysum oil. These need to be blended in equal quantities and applied on the site of injury about 5-6 times daily. It has many benefits including bone healing, bone development, better circulation, and speedy recovery, in case of injuries.


A healthy set of bones is only possible if you pay close attention to your diet and deliberately include the said items. If you decide on taking food supplements for bones to improve your bone health, ensure that they are organic ones of the optimum quality, lest you wish your health to go downhill instead of otherwise.

Having said that, never start taking any food supplements for bones without the consent of your doctor. Your body may be allergic to its ingredients or you may have certain health conditions, which don’t permit the use of food supplements. To be on the safer side, always get yourself a prescription before committing to any such tablets.

These days you can easily find food supplements for bones. Choose a reputed and trustworthy brand to avid health issues in the long run, and everything else will fall into place. Be it broken bones, brittle bones, low-bone density, or you may just want to keep your bones in good shape, bone supplements work wonders in all aspects. Give it a shot you won’t regret!

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