Latest Fitness Trends In 2018


Fitness trends 2018 have made their way into the mainstream. As people are becoming more aware of their physical health, they are taking the necessary measures to live a healthy life. Athletes, sportspersons, or even regular gymmers are taking it upon themselves to take care of how well their health remains in shape. Take a look at how wellness and fitness trends 2018 are shaping this year.

Sports specific training:


Sports specific training is one of the most exciting fitness trends 2018 is going to witness. Generalised training in all sports was the norm back then but is not so anymore. People are becoming more focused on learning only one sport and excelling in it. The underlying intention is to make oneself better with the best workout programs 2018 at only one given sport. Which is why, people take up sports specific training to help them evolve and have their bodies aligned to one particular sport.

Rhythmic workouts:

Rhythmic workouts

These consist of full-body training using light weighted drumsticks to deliver a classic and rhythmic performance. This form of exercise involves an intense workout of the entire body including cardio, strength training and yoga too.

Rhythmic workouts are expected to improve your mind and body coordination along with subjecting your body to a great form of exercise. If there is any fitness trend of 2018 that is bound to last in this year and well beyond it, it has to be rhythmic workouts. One can not only improve physical stamina but also take your mental energy several notches higher too.

Hiring personal fitness professionals:

Hiring personal fitness professionals

People have begun to take personal fitness seriously. Times have changed, and people are no longer casual about their own health and wellbeing. There has been a lot of awareness created about the right methods of exercising, correct dieting, and proper resistance training.

2018 is going to see a lot of people hiring personal fitness professionals. This will help to mould their dieting plans and exercising schedules as per their own personal health and preferences.

Yoga Alternatives:


Almost all of us are familiar with the traditional form of yoga, but as per the top fitness trends 2018, yoga alternatives are making its way into the mainstream. This form of exercise focuses on using yoga for not only mental fitness but physical exercise as well. It introduces lightweights to be used while doing yoga.

This takes physical fitness straining a notch higher in order to make it better and more effective than ever before. Although yoga does provide a little resistance training, it is not as good as other forms of exercise. Implementing such yoga alternatives will ensure that one gets the best in terms and mind and body health while carrying out yoga.

Group Training:


The biggest advantage of subjecting yourself to one of the latest fitness trends i.e. group training, which also happens to be one of the best workout programs 2018; is that you work out in accordance with the team toward a common goal. In addition to that, an individual working out in a group has a better chance of not only reaching but also excelling in their goal as compared to one who worksout in isolation.

The reason why group training is better than individual training is because, a person is motivated to give their best since there is a subtle competition in the group.  This is why group training has become a largely followed trend this year and does not seem to wither away in the near future.

Rowing, cycling, and boxing are some of the many activities that is very common group training. You can sign up with a friend so that both of you inspire and motivate each other to reach your fitness goals.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT):


As the name says it, High-Intensity Interval Training is one of the top fitness trends 2018. It is coupled with high-intensity training for as long as you can manage, followed by an interval to catch your breath. This form of training is also a good choice for those who are looking for the Best cardio workouts.

Usually, the pattern is to subject yourself to the most intense form of exercise you can manage for the longest amount of time before going on an interval. HIIT is the best form of exercise and fitness trends 2018, and the most beneficial trend this year if you are looking to burn fat and gain muscle mass.

Recovery classes:


As the name suggests, these classes are focused solely on restoring your lost focus and energy.  For someone who has been going too tough on themselves regarding their physical workout sessions, HIIT, and various other fitness programs; they need time to slow down, relax, unwind, and prepare themselves better for the next challenge. This is where recovery classes come into the picture.

Many gyms and fitness centers are adopting recovery classes as part of their package and a lot of people are even using such class as a good way to distract themselves. These classes consist of meditation, stretching, and other such light exercises to allow your body and mind to breathe while not cutting you off from exercising altogether.

Wearable technology:


Although wearable technology is no longer restricted to just fitness bands and smart watches; 2018 has seen the spurt of using wearable fitness technology, readily available at Ghost Fitness and other such fitness gear stores. Heartbeat trackers, calorie calculators, and other fitness gadgets are all making way into our daily lifestyle. These gadgets enable one to keep track of their own health without having to hit the gym or hire a personal trainer. It is a one-time investment which has guaranteed multiple returns and plenty of benefits not only in this year but many more years to come.


Although the above-mentioned list speaks of only a few, there are plenty more fitness trends 2018 that will take place as and when this year goes by. The overall intention of having trends in fitness is to make sure that all of us are moving in the right direction as far as our heaths are concerned. Ensure that you make the best use of the of these fitness trends in order to benefit your mental and physical health.

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