Important aqua yoga benefits that you just can’t ignore

aqua yoga

The health benefits of yoga are no secret in today’s times. The entire world has taken to the practice of yoga for a healthy body and a peaceful mind. With more practice, more variants of yoga have emerged over the years and one of them is aqua yoga.

What exactly is aqua yoga?

Important-aqua-yoga-benefits-Aqua yoga simply is the art of practicing yoga in the waters. There is a professional trainer who will guide you through the process and soon you can be thorough and comfortable with the idea. Here you perform several of those exercises that you would perform in regular yoga, only in water. It is obviously more challenging to perform in waters and that is precisely what makes aqua yoga so effective.

If you are suffering from problems in your joints, this is just the yoga form you need to adopt. It is the same if you are an accident victim because since the waters cut down on the gravitational pull, it reduces the stress on your body. The water around you ensures that you can focus and attempt to do a pose much better than you could do it on land, simply because a bad fall wouldn’t hurt. So all you need is the right yoga mat and you can set off in your quest for seeking good health and posture.

Aqua yoga benefits which make it worth practicing

Important-aqua-yoga-benefits-Improving posture: In our fitness quest we often ignore the posture that we have. A hunch back or a wrong walk results from such ignorance and causes long term damage to bones and joints. Among the many Aqua yoga benefits, the improvement in the body posture is an important one.

Healing of sore joints:  Your injured joints will surely find a route to quick healing through the practice of aqua yoga. Find a professional trainer to help you in the process and soon you will start reaping the rewards. The sore muscles and joints will recover fast and your pains will be relieved in no time.

Strengthening of muscles: If you thought that lifting heavy weights is the sole route to strengthen your muscles, think again! Performing aqua yoga works wonders to help build strong muscles. This is because; every exercise that you perform leads to overworking your muscles. It is obviously to perform those in water instead of having a string footing on land and that adds to the extra stress on the muscles strengthening them.

Concentration and peace of mind: Perform the Savashana for once in the waters and realize what we are talking about. This simple act of lying on your board in the waters is an easy way to meditate in peace. That increases your concentration and even with a million reasons to be stresses, you master the art of being calm and having a peaceful mind.

Better breathing: If breathing problems trouble you, tick it out of your problems list after performing aqua yoga. Aqua yoga benefits include a better breathing process resulting from regulated exercising and performing yoga.

Overall a better health and immunity: Aqua yoga ensures that your health is hearty throughout the year. Staying fit has its perks has it not? You will enjoy a better immunity with a lesser susceptibility to diseases. We just gave you so many reasons to go and start aqua yoga!

For water yoga on boards

Important-aqua-yoga-benefits-Yoga is a lot about balancing and if you can balance your postures on the waters it is a good way to feel empowered. Nowadays you will find many advanced paddle boards in the markets and they are so well built, that even the most advanced and tricky moves can be performed on them. Here are some better boards in business but always remember that the first thing to check for in these boards is how stable it is and how much of a wide stance it is allowing you to adopt while exercising.

  • ISLE 10’ Lotus Airtech Inflatable Yoga paddle board: This board is of extremely strong make, made from military grade PVC. It can be inflated for about 6inches which ensures you don’t get wet in the waters. The width is a wide 32 inches and stability is thus guaranteed with this board.
  • ISLE Versa Epoxy Stand up Paddle board: This too comes with a large width to provide for the necessary stability. Plastic is avoided and instead carbon and nylon are used to make the paddle. Coming with 30-day money back guarantee, this is an offer you cannot refuse.
  • PEAK 10’ Yoga Fitness Inflatable Stand up Paddle board package: This is a light weight paddle top have weighing only 29 pounds and is thus easy to carry around. Made of marine grade PVC and with the use of drop-stitching it is a very durable paddleboard to own.
  • Aqua Marina Vapor Inflatable Paddleboard: This board has a unique curved design to give you the extra stability in the waters. For the ones just starting it out with aqua yoga, this is a very handy paddle board to own.
  • Ten Toes Weekender 10 feet inflatable standup paddleboard: Although somewhat heavy in comparison to the other boards this will still enable you perfectly well to perform water yoga sequence. It is 10 feet long and 30 inches in diameter. This enables even the absolute beginner to be comfortable with it. 

Final words

In a world filled with lifestyle diseases and many other deadly forms of illness, health should be featuring very highly on everyone’s list. Aqua yoga benefits are simply too many to miss out on if you are a fitness freak. So be empowered with the knowledge you gained and put it to practice. With every water yoga sequence that you perform, you would keep getting healthier and we promise you that.

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