How to cope with a paranoid partner

paranoid partner

Love comes across in various forms for different people. There is however one thing common about all. They all feel the goodness and importance of it and manage to be with each other in the thick and thin of things. However, not all is cozy about love and it has its lows alongside the highs. There may be certain things about your partner that you may have to cope with. For instance, if your partner is paranoid, then that’s a big problem. We all have our weaknesses and this is a weak link your partner has. But you can always help him or her deal with this PPD. Isn’t that what partners are for? This article will tell you all about how you can cope with a partner who is paranoid.

Some things to know about handling a paranoid partner

  1. Encourage your partner to undergo treatment:
    talk therapy
    One of the first requirements in a psychological disorder is the acceptance of the victim. He or she must acknowledge the problems they are having in the first place. As a responsible partner all you can do is sit them down and discuss the problem in detail. Tell them the benefits they can enjoy if they undergo treatment and take medication. Tell them how your relationship suffers due to the problem and how you want to make it work. Once convinced things will get a lot better because your paranoid partner will accept his problems and try finding ways to deal with it.
  2. Be firm in your resolve but have some acceptance: When you first attempt to tell your partner about the problems they have it will never be an easy task. In this regard it is important that you are not unambiguous in your choice of words and get your message across clearly. You should be accepting of the fact that their beliefs are a part of their problem and you cannot change that with one sweeping statement. However, what you can change is that you can stir up the thoughts in them. When worked upon they will themselves realize the problems at hand and find a way to change themselves from being a paranoid partner.
  3. Explain patiently:
    paranoid partner
    Discussions are known to solve some of the hardest problems of the world and this problem of handling your spouse too can be solved with your heartfelt discussion. Be a good listener and intently hear the details of your partner’s fears. Instead of just laughing it off, try to analyze them from their perspective. The patience you will show for them will go a long way in the enforcement of the realization that there is need for treatment. Provide them with the possible explanations of their concern after you have helped them ease up after they opened up to you. This will also mean more trust for you from your partner which will go a long way in bolstering your ties.
  4. Focus on the strengths: Your partner may have a psychological problem but they surely have some strengths of their own. The confidence they have should be kept going and for that purpose you will have to focus on their strengths. This will make them feel good about themselves and help them realize their paranoia of loved one. For instance, you can tell the person that while his interpersonal skills are not commendable his intelligence is among the smartest things in the world. Take the hand of your paranoid partner in the darkest hours of his life.
  5. Educate yourself about the problem:
    paranoid partner
    The more you read about the problem the more equipped you will be to handle it. Since this is new to all of us and completely uncalled for it is obvious that very little information is readily available. If you are going to try and help your partner recover then it is a must that you know how exactly to deal with it. You should know what exactly goes on in the minds of a paranoid partner if you are to try and understand him or her. So read on this as much as you can and be equipped to handle all the surprises it throws at you.
  6. Take care of yourself: If you have a paranoid partner then you spend a lot of your time attending to him or her. In the process chances are that you will wear yourself out. The more this happens the more difficult it will be to take care of your partner. Your patience too will take a hit if you are in a bad shape yourself. Since we assume that taking good care of your partner is high on your priority we suggest you take good care of yourself as well. Only then will you be reenergized to work on the hardest thing about your relationship.
  7. Consult the physician before anything:
    This is a tricky mental condition where the wrong steps can lead to a worse condition. So for such cases you need an expert guidance. Who is better to guide you in this than a physician whom you can depend upon. Follow the guidelines set by him or her and work according to his instructions. With the right efforts soon you will be able to enjoy a relationship where you will not be troubled by a paranoid partner anymore. Make the efforts as they are all going to be worth it. Isn’t it why you chose your partner in the first place.

Final words

PPD is one of the worst things you may have to deal with but you shouldn’t give up. After all, the promise is to be together in sickness and in health, and this is sickness. So do not give up on your partner and learn to cope with whatever paranoia he or she has and help the partner recover.

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