Foods that boost your brain’s cognitive abilities


As is rightly said, the human brain can be referred to be as the most unusual instrument with various powerful, yet unknown capacities. Many of us might have learned this during our childhood that an average human being uses less than one-tenth of his/her brainpower, which implies that if we could tap into that other 90% of the hidden powers, we can do many amazing things! Accordingly, experts have tried to figure out many ways to activate the sleeping gray matter. In this regard, one of the recent publications has prominently suggested that right food is important to boost your brain’s cognitive abilities.

Thus, the write up is intended to make our readers aware with different types of superfoods that can be incorporated in our daily diet to resolve the challenges associated with maintaining healthy brain and ultimately getting a good quality of life.

What is cognition?


Cognitive abilities can be linked with person’s mental abilities and understanding capacities that are being reflected in every human action, especially in their conscious state of mind. In short, the cognitive abilities are associated with person’s ability to deal with the rest of the world through learning, understanding, memorizing, problem-solving, fighting, thinking, etc. It involves a lot of facets of our actions, like our perception, speech, language skills, motor skills, social skills, etc. These actions are being controlled in the frontotemporal region of the brain through a network of millions of brain cells.

These brain cells or neurons are connected with other parts of the brain in order to exhibit precise coordination for energy optimization and modulation of cognitive functions. Thus, eating healthy is identified to be of utmost importance to boost your brains cognitive abilities.

Mechanism of action


Scientists have confirmed that food can directly influence cognitive abilities as well as the emotional quotient of a person that can be triggered before being fed. Many of you might have experienced improved emotional status just by looking at or smelling the food. The consumption of food we like tends to initiate secretion of a number of hormones and/or peptides in our blood, like insulin, glucagon-like peptide, etc. Through blood circulation, these secreted hormones reach the leading center of the brain, the hypothalamus that controls cognition and memory.

Besides, consumption of food can promote secretion of various hormones in the gut that coordinate with hypothalamus for integration of many important visceral functions. These visceral functions are also indirectly responsible for regulation of hypothalamus and thereby can boost your brains cognitive abilities. Moreover, with the recent investigations, it has also been clarified that food rich in antioxidants, healthy fat, vitamins, minerals, etc. can modulate energy homeostasis and protect our brain from infections and other diseases.

Thus, some foods are identified to be very good for your brain and mind and can be noted from the list, mentioned herewith:


Avocado Face Masks

Avocados are considered to be one of the healthiest foods for improving memory. These small fruits are considered as the green powerhouses that are enriched with vitamin K and folate; the key ingredients to prevent blood clots and are hence highly recommended for stroke patients.

These small fruits are packed with monounsaturated fats, vitamin B and vitamin C that are not generally produced in our body and needs to be supplied daily for regularizing blood sugar levels, better skin texture,and higher immunity.

These fruits can be part of your daily smoothies or pastries– thanks to their creamy texture and low fat as well as sugar content; and are highly acknowledged to boost your brains cognitive abilities.



Beetroots are known for their nutritional values since ages.Studies have rated them to be one of the best diets for studying their ability to boost your brains cognitive abilities.

They are proven to be very helpful in reducing inflammation, exhibit anti-cancer properties, and are strong blood purifiers. Studies have indicated that beets are high in the nitrate contents and can increase oxygenated blood flow towards the brain in order to boost your brains cognitive abilities.



Good things always come in packages, so are the blueberries. It is a fruit that should be a part of your daily diet with so many health benefits. They are identified to be one of the leading foods with high content of anti-oxidants with a lot of vitamin C, vitamin K,andfiber. Studies have proposed that food such as blueberries can protect our brains from unusual degeneration and increased stress level.

Scientists have thus advised indulging into that sumptuous blueberry shake for starting your healthy day to boost your brains cognitive abilities.

Bone Broth

gutAs suggested earlier, hormones secreted in the gut are responsible for stimulating the hypothalamus and regulating cognitive functions. People from ancient times have identified health benefits of bone broth. They are known as good immunity boosters and are identified to be helpful in treating leaky gut syndrome, improving joint health, and overcoming different food allergies.

Studies have established thathigher content of collagen and amino acids are responsible for the reduction in the intestinal inflammation, skin texture, and boost your brains cognitive abilities.



Broccolis are estimated to be one of the best brain tonics due to its higher content of vitamin K and choline. It has been ranked as the number one food for improving memory. Experts have remarked that one cap can provide you 150 percent of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C and high fiber.

Thus, if you are omitting broccoli from your diet so far, try incorporating them to improve your memory and brain functions at a faster rate.



Coconut is known to be the most versatile fruit with full of health benefits. It works as natural anti-oxidant, exhibits natural anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties. Daily intake of coconut oil is proven to be helpful in improving skin textures, preventing memory loss, and destruction of bad bacteria from the gut.

Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate

Chocolates, especially dark chocolates, are full of anti-oxidants and flavonoids that are identified to be responsible for lowering blood pressure, increasingthe flow of oxygen-rich blood towards the brain, and secreting happy hormone dopamine that can regulate hypothalamus.

Experts thus suggest daily munching of minimally processed dark chocolates with more than 70% cocoa to ensure more brain benefits.

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