Descriptive study on collagen to reduce wrinkles

Collagen is an essential protein that maintains the elasticity of the skin and makes it firm. The ability of the body to produce collagen slows down gradually with age. This leads to thin, saggy and dry skin. Boosting the production of collagen will increase the elasticity of skin, which helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The best part is that there are a number of anti-wrinkle foods for skin that could boost up the collagen production in your body. Below is a dietary study on collagen to reduce wrinkles.

Collagen supplements

tablet-supplements.Collagen supplements could be found as liquid or tablet supplements, usually as collagen peptide or collagen hydrolysate. They also include compounds that are friendlier to the skin such as, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and glucosamine. You should consume them regularly for at least 6 weeks to attain maximum benefits. It has been clinically proven that these supplements will boost up the elasticity of your skin. Dermatologists have made a study on collagen to reduce wrinkles.

Collagen gels and creams

Collagen gels and creamsCollagen could be found in moisturizing creams and gels and can be directly applied over your skin. As proven by experts, these creams help to reduce wrinkles. Such creams penetrate deep into the skin gaps and fill up the wrinkles. Experts have made a deep study on collagen to reduce wrinkles and developed such products.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another antioxidant which is necessary to produce collagen. If the content of vitamin C is low in your body, it may reduce the body’s capacity to replenish collagen content in it. Foods rich in Vitamin C have anti- wrinkle properties and help neutralize the free radicals present in the body. These radicals can damage your skin cells, reduce collagen content and cause premature aging of skin.

Vitamin C is soluble in water and majority of it is expelled out during urination. So, it is essential to consume it daily in order to maintain or repair your skin cells. You may consume fresh citrus fruits or dark green veggies to achieve high content of vitamin C in your body.


 wrinkleRetinoid is the best food for wrinkles free skin; as, it enhances the production of collagen and reduces age spots, wrinkles and fine lines by regulating genetic collagen in the body. Many anti – aging creams now consists of retinoids as a part of the ingredients or chemical formula. This is because retinoids enhances the effectiveness of the cream.

Invasive ways

There are many surgical and invasive methods available that could boost up the collagen production in your body. But it should only be opted if other natural methods are not giving out desired results, as they may result in some side effects.

Natural supplements

White teaBy including aloe vera and royal jelly in your routine diet; you will observe that fine lines and wrinkles on your skin have faded out. This is because such supplements stimulate the production of collagen and boost up the health of your skin. White tea is another natural option that helps repair the damaged skin cells, specifically those damaged under the Sun. Stick to such foods that keep wrinkles away.

Therapeutic Study on collagen to reduce wrinkles

Red light LED therapy

red light led therapyAlso known as phototherapy; red light LED therapy works on the fact that various coloured lights penetrate into the skin at different levels. These lights help to promote different biological reactions. Red colour penetrates deep inside the skin and reaches the fibroblast. These are skin cells which are responsible for elastin and collagen production. Due to this the proteins generating youthfulness are stimulated and inflammation is reduced.


  • This therapy is best to induce more physical collagen into the skin. This will not only make the appearance of the skin better; but, is also the best option among all.
  • The red light LED therapy gives you no pain and no down time is required for it. This means that there is no need to walk for days with flaked and reddened skin.


  • To have a LED red light therapy you need to hire a skin styling professional. But the major drawback of it is that a professional will charge you too high for this. So this sort of therapy is not in the pockets of every ordinary person.
  • If you are shopping for home devices, then you need to ensure that you choose the right machine. This is because some machines require a lot of electricity and may not work for homes. In some cases, the structure of the machine may not be built for residential use.
  • The recommended therapy or session has of be of 30 minutes for 5 continuous days. Moreover, it requires time and true dedication.

Dermal fillers and injections for collagen:

Dermal filler

Collagen injections simply insert a chemical into the skin that replaces collagen. These injections make the skin appear as if there is more collagen around the injected area than what you actually have. Restylane and juvederm are the two most popular dermal filler used nowadays in collagen injections. Derma fillers and injections are basically used to plum up the lines like wrinkles on forehead and cheeks, crow’s feet. These are lines over the outer edges of eye, eleven lines- vertical lines in between the eyebrows, nasolabial folds. They are also the folds occurring between mouth and nose, marionette lines- the creases at the mouth corner.


  • Injections effectively reduce deep and stubborn wrinkles.
  • They give out immediate results proving out to be the best option for gratification.

The skin made up of large number of tissues and cells that act as a protective shield between the body and outside world. That is why it is important that we look after it. By including foods that help the skin’s natural ability  to produce collagen; it will help to maintain a youthful looking skin even as you age.

A final note:

The study on collagen to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your youthful skin also provides the necessary precautionary measures before using any product or opting for any therapy; As we grow up, the body cells get damaged and break down leading to dry and thin skin. Collagen stimulation gets deteriorated with age and cause health complications such as teeth loss, stiffness in joints and respiratory problems. Thus collagen production should be enhanced by consuming foods for wrinkle free skin and adapting new lifestyles.

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