Depression in Women: Things You Should Know

Depression in Women

There is a reason why they say Depression in women is a silent killer. When it is left unattended, it can take a person’s life as well. Even before you know it, you are left with unanswered questions. Statistics show that at least 8 out of 10 people suffer from some kind of depression. While some are verbal about it, some do not say anything. In short – Depression is beyond mere sadness

How to recognize if a person is under Depression in women

committing suicideAlthough there are underlying symptoms of women depression problems, there are some prominent signs that you can watch out for. The first sign is the sudden mood swings and changes. A person can get very irritated with even the smallest thing.

Another prominent sign is the feeling of being helpless or guilty. People who generally undergo this condition are very hard on themselves. Some of them also have the tendency of harming themselves; this includes cutting or slitting their hands, committing suicide or even getting into some form of addiction. The even have problems of sleeping and often tend to get irritated as well.

Is your antidepressant Working?

Depression is a condition that can affect your entire life. Within a matter of a few months, the person’s life can change so much that he or she may also start losing people. The sudden changes in the behaviour are often the first prominent sign that a person is depressed.

The one thing you should remember is that just because a person is depressed, it does not mean that he or she cannot be cured. When a person is suffering from depression, anti-depressants are given deepening on the case. The whole point of these tablets is to help calm the brains down.

The imbalance in the brain


When a person is under depression, there are some imbalances in the neurotransmitters AKA the brain chemicals. While they are in depression, the use of the neurotransmitters is reduced. In other words, the anti-depressants are given so that the brain functions normally and the neurotransmitters are used in the proper way. These tablets can be prescribed by a doctor, counsellor (if they are certified to prescribe such medicines) or even a psychiatrist.

How do antidepressants help?

There are varieties of treatments available to help a person in depression. Some people can go for simple counselling sessions while some are prescribed medicines. These antidotes help to keep the blues at bay.  In the extreme cases, a person may also be put in a mental health facility for a while.

The combination of psychotherapy and anti depressants is powerful

psychotherapyWhen you look at the various treatments provided for people with depression, anti- depressants have proved to show some good results. In fact, in psychotherapy, the combination of the therapy along with anti-depressants has proved to be a powerful one. You will not see the results instantly because it takes a little time before the effects of thru can kick in.

It will take time before the results can be seen

The first thing that you should understand is not to expect any miracles. The only assurance that you can really get is that there is a way to treat a patient with depression in women. Nevertheless, you will see significance improvement in at least a week to a month.

Sometimes, depending on the patient’s condition, it may take a little longer than that as well. You also have chances that a person may not improve through such drugs. In such cases, there are alternate treatments available.

Understanding when to switch


On an average, a grace period of four to six weeks is provided in order to see any effects. Just in case there is nothing happening, then you r doctor will make a switch when he or she feels it is the right time. Everybody has a different way to react to medicines.

Different bodies react differently

While some people react to it soon, some do not. Similarly, some bodies react to the drugs the first time it is given and some can never react to the medicine or may take a while to react to it. Overall, you cannot predict when the medicines will start working. Sometimes the body may even stop responding to certain medicines after a while. All you have to do is keep a close eye.

Depression in women is a medical condition


As much as many people think that problems of depression in women is a phase, the reality is that it is not. This medical condition needs a professional eye. When a woman is suffering from depression, it affects her in many ways. While sometimes these symptoms are very prominent, sometimes they do not even show out.

Depression can literally hurt a person

When we refer to term hurt, it does not imply an external injury. The internal wounds are very rarely seen. A person can start to lose interest in things that they once loved. They may also feel guilty about a variety of things. What makes it worse it that in extreme cases, the pain that they have inside is so bad that it makes them commit suicide.

Women undergo various forms of depression in comparison to men

depression During Pregnancy

Because women undergo various hormonal changes on a daily basis, there are some unique reasons why they may be under a depression. Some of them could be due to the physical changes in the body, the hormonal changes, the pre and post menstrual changes etc. Even during pregnancy or menopause, a woman can go under depression.

This condition is treatable

The first thing you need to understand is that depression is treatable. With the help of constant guidance, a person who lends you a shoulder to cry on and an ear to hear you out, medicines and above all constant support; it can help a woman to come out. The reason why women face depression can vary, but the bottom line is that in time she can actually come out of it.

Women need unconditional support

friend's support

When a person gets unconditional support, it can help them to come out of depression as soon as possible. This support is not restricted to friends and family members, it can also extend to the outer environment that includes their professional life or even people who know her. When this kind of support is given, it makes a big difference to the woman in many ways.  Even physical intimacy will help to provide the necessary support to make her feel better.

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