Benefits of taking collagen supplement

collagen supplement

Today’s technology trend is directing people towards many anti-aging products, and dermatologists are proposing many collagen supplements to be effective in providing wrinkle free skin. Go on further to know more about the skin benefits and side effects of the wonder product, as well as to know more about the best available and scientifically proven collagen supplement you might wish to consider for yourself.

collagen supplementCollagen is being recognized as an ingredient provided in many cosmetic products or even vitamin supplements that are featured currently in the market as the best anti-aging products. But many people still want to know more about collagen and how can it be responsible for stopping the biological clock.

The science of aging could evaluate the existence of collagen peptide in human bodies that are responsible for skin strength, elasticity, and good texture. The peptide is found to be present in the digestive system, skin, muscles, bones, and tendons, and have also been found to be responsible for contributing towards regeneration of healthy functional tissue-specific cells.

As we grow old, the collagen production capacity of our body is reduced gradually. The said process of cellular degeneration and collagen depletion is identified to be as the first signs of aging. The aging is then characterized by increased wrinkles and sagging skin, weaker joints as well as damaged organs.

Scientists have as well proposed that collagen associated diseases can take a toll on our body due to aging, certain genetic manipulations and/or poor intake of collagen-rich food.

Thankfully, collagen supplements are synthetically available in the market and can be consumed at right time, in the right amount to be benefitted.

Accordingly, experts have pinpointed four important factors to understand how crucial collagen is for our health benefits; and can be noted as:

  • Collagen is one of the most prevalent peptides in the body and is needed for almost all metabolic functions.
  • Collagen acts as glue by providing a strong extracellular matrix for cellular adherence; and hence, is further responsible for maintaining a tight junction for faster functions.
  • Collagen initiates strong cellular signals to communicate effectively between the cells and perform all the vital functions of the body.
  • Collagen supplements are the only available option to make up with the natural collagen decline.

Proven health benefits of collagen supplements


aging Studies have investigated that collagen type IV present abundantly in our body, acts as a neuroprotector by preventing damage of neurons through aging or other external factors. Various studies have proposed that collagen Type IV prevents the production of the amyloid beta protein; the flakes of proteins that are identified to be responsible for hampering communication between the neurons that may further lead to Alzheimer’ disease. Thus, doctors are offering collagen supplements to Alzheimer patients to combat the production of amyloid protein flakes between the neuronal circuit.

Prevent cardiovascular disorders

Experts have proven that the collagen can lower the synthesis of cholesterol and helps prevent heart diseases. A study in this regard was conducted by a team of professionals from Oxford, wherein participants were given collagen supplements twice a day, continuously for six months. The results were astonishing, through a significant reduction in the level of cholesterol as well as the formation of plaques in the arteries.

Thus, collagen supplementation is confirmed to be beneficial in delaying the production of plaque that is responsible for clogged arteries; and hence, found to be helpful in preventing cardiovascular disorders.

Prevent leaky gut syndrome

gut healthIrritable bowel syndrome, also commonly known to be as the leaky gut syndrome is being noted as one of the most painful digestive tract disorders. Millions of people are currently suffering from the same and is believed to be caused due to stress, poor diet, alcohol consumption etc. The disease is characterized by the excessive leakage of toxic substances in the bloodstream, instead of excretion.

Out of the many available collagen supplements, bone broth is acknowledged to be the most potent one. Doctors are suggesting that consumption of bone broth twice a day can naturally treat digestive tract issues, like leaky gut syndrome. The supplement contains a specified amount of collagen along with other vital minerals, peptides, and amino acids, which is identified to be excellent for your gut health.

Improved skin elasticity and texture

Many beauty experts recommend collagen supplement to be effective in limiting cellular loss, and preventing dull, patchy looking skin. Research supports this proposition by confirming noticeable difference post collagen supplement consumption in about 70 women, within about eight weeks. The research further revealed that the skin elasticity was dramatically improved; further leaving a greater room for improvement through natural collagen production.

Relieve joint and knee pain

knee pain

Many people are commonly suffering from joint pain, once they cross their 40’s. You need to be an athlete to be suffering from the joint disorders, but gradual depletion of collagen due to aging is enough to increase the friction between the joints and further loss of cartilage; being an important peptide present in the bone and the cartilages. A study conducted by a team of experts from the University of California confirmed that a team of an athlete when provided with the collagen supplements, experienced considerably lower joint pain than usual. With the study, scientists further support the possibility of increased consumption of collagen to be effective in joint and muscle pain.

No more brittle nails

Nothing seems to be more frustrating than chipped broken nails. While going on the go, chipped nails can have a sharp dagger due to your constant snagging and slashing off things. However, if you are fortunate, you may get the help of collagen supplement to fortify your nails.

A similar study was conducted with almost 25 participants, wherein they have been given 2.5 gms of collagen peptide for a day. The study was continued for a period of 24 weeks and was followed up for three months.

Side effects of collagen supplement

collagen supplementMost of the reviews and studies have revealed that collagen supplements are likely to be safe for adults if consumed in a recommended dose; i.e. 2 gms or less consumed orally per day for a short period of time. However, more investigation and study are needed to declare it to be totally safe for adults’ skin.

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