8 Proven Health Benefits of qigong tai chi

qigong tai chi

The world right now is plagued with a variety of lifestyle and environment related diseases. With so many new diseases to fend off, every individual must adopt the best of healthy life choices. Qigong tai chi is definitely an important one among them and this ancient form of meditation somewhat like yoga has proven to have several health benefits.

However, since this is not as common as some of the others we chose this article to let you know about the health benefits of qigong tai chi. The art of moving of energy around the body was once the domain of Taoist and Buddhist monks but the health benefits have made it a popular choice for people to learn and try out.

How qigong tai chi heals

How qigong tai chi healsThis form believes that the body has its own healing capabilities. What it does is align the energy of the body such that the body can get to the maximum of its healing powers. Thus qigong tai chi can be a great option to repair the systems of the body and in general relieves one of the stresses. The idea is to stimulate the meridians such that the body gets the best of its abilities to heal all shortcomings.

Some important health benefits of qigong tai chi

  1. The internal organs function better:

    CancerPracticing qigong tai chi can be a great way to keep your internal organs in fine shape. According to their theories the energies which simulate the functioning of the internal organs can be simulated externally. Thus targeted exercises can help keep different organs of the body in good condition. In fact it even helps as a treatment for cancer as cancer patients can find relief if they practice this during their painful periods of chemo therapy treatments. The walking qigong in particular works particularly well when it comes to treatment for cancer.

  2. Improvement of muscular and joint health:

    Don’t we all crave for the healthy muscles and pain free joints! Well if you are into the practice of qigong tai chi chances are that you will enjoy the best of muscular and joint health. This is because in contrast to the western concept of bulking up of muscles, the eastern theories are more concentrated on the effortless exhibitions of strength and this reflects in qigong tai chi. What it does is that the blood flow and oxygen reach to the muscles and joints are enhanced. This results in them performing at their full potential and staying away from minor snags and tears. This is easily among the most effective health benefits of qigong tai chi.

  3. Heals injures and also prevents them:

    Psoriatic arthritisLet us first come to the prevention of injuries because we all know that prevention is better than cure! Qigong tai chi like we already said, keeps your muscles and joints in great shape. It thus becomes unlikely that a sudden tension or shock would easily injure them. If the injury has occurred already the art of qigong tai chi helps the toxins to clear out from the injured area resulting in significant comfort. Apart from this since most of the other parts of the body are in such good shape it is not likely that some other part would join in and aggravate the injury.

  4. The circulatory system gets a boost:

    Many people suffer from very cold hands and feet especially in the cold winter months. If qigong tai chi is practiced, the blood flow is much better than before. This is the case for the artery and especially the vein. With such a regulated and healthy blood flow scientific studies have shown that the heart stays healthy and also it helps one keep himself warm.

  5. Relief from stress:

    stress free
    The Buddhists and Taoists place a high value on a life free from stress. It is thus no surprise when we see that among the many health benefits of qigong tai chi relief from stress is an important one. This helps the mind maintain a state of peace and calm and that is of great help when it comes to relief from In the modern day lifestyle when it is so difficult to evade stress, qigong tai chi is a real life saver.

  6. Sleep is improved:

    We all know how important sleep is for a healthy human body. Since there is a complete absence of stress for those who practice qigong tai chi, it helps in an improved sleep routine. The body gets the much needed deep sleep and recovers and heals and performs much better than usual. This makes it an important one among the many health benefits of qigong tai chi.

  7. Helps the handicapped, elderly and seriously ill:

    handicappedWhile we strongly recommend that you start off the practice while at the peak of your health, it is true that the handicapped elderly and the ones who are seriously ill benefit a lot from qigong tai chi. It helps them maintain fitness and heal faster and better.

  8. Creates awareness and increases concentration:

    There is a saying that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. With so many health benefits of qigong tai chi thus it is only obvious that it helps improve your brain as well. A regular practice as per scientific studies significantly increases one’s awareness levels. The ability to concentrate is also greatly improved since there is such coordination between the mind and the body. Also the peaceful state of your mind helps to get the concentration levels up. This is another amazing health benefit of qigong tai chi and gives you one more reason to pursue it.

Final words

All the health benefits that we told you about are results of scientific studies. So put your doubts to rest and start off with the practice of qigong tai chi. Practicing qi gong is no difficult task in a time of digitization and availability of experts to guide you through the process. Do not delay the healthy life and utilize the benefits of qi gong tai chi.

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