7 home remedies to treat infrequent urination

infrequent urination

Home remedies for infrequent urination

Infrequent urination is a decrease in the amount of urine passage. Although many of us have a tendency of ignoring this problem of passing less amount of urine passing from our body, is a very serious medical issue, as per the experts in this field. Urine is a waste generated by the body and it should be passed out, is their opinion. Adult passing urine less than 500 ml a day may be suffering from infrequent urination. However, if these problems can be treated initially, it can be treated without any complications. The best thing about this is that at initial stages of this infrequent urination, it can be cured with home remedies too. Here are some home remedies for infrequent urination.

Infrequent passing of urine means deficiency in the generation of waste in our body. Even a short term decrease in the amount of urine can be an indication of a moderate to a severe health problem.

Water: The basic constituent

intake of fluidHome remedies can cure this deficiency in the urine. However, in cases where the condition is very serious, proper medication is a must. Most of the home remedies consist mostly of natural remedies. Infrequent urination is very complicated by itself but most of the home remedies used for curing it are quite basic and simple.

Of the many remedies, one of the most basic ones is sufficient intake of fluids in the body. Drinking lots of water during the day is very important if you are suffering from infrequent urination. Water is a basic component of our body. 60 percent of our body weight is made of water. Each and every system depends on water for their functioning. It is the role of water to flush out toxins from all the vital parts of the body. This flushing out of toxins from the body helps in making way for nutrients. System of a person suffering from infrequent urination is unable to throw out these toxic substances from the body. Hence more than eight ounces of water should be consumed by a person suffering from infrequent urination.

The juice is the solution

Apart from the basic constituent, water, a person suffering from infrequent urination must include water-based foods in his/her diet. They should include lots of fruits which have a high percentage of water in them. Some of the fruits which have a high percentage of water are melon, watercress, artichoke, cabbage, carrots, etc.

Apart from the fruits and the vegetables which should be included in the diet, the person suffering from infrequent urination should also go in for a lot of fruit juices like cranberry, sugarcane, barley water, horse gram’s juice. These juices really help information of urine in the body and help in cleaning the system.

Just like water is very necessary for the body, coconut water is one of the best natural remedies one can imagine if they are suffering from a deficiency in urination. All the above juices and foods help in cleaning the toxins from the kidney and hence forming urine.

Preparations made using natural foods

buttermilkSome of the other foods include combinations of two natural foods or cooking them. One of the most known effective methods to cure infrequent urination is cardamom. You can take two cardamoms with a glassful of milk every day. Another soothing remedy is the intake of green coriander with buttermilk. You can have this buttermilk mixed with coriander while you are having meals. Not only does it help in curing urination problem, but also provides aid in the digestion of food.

Another known remedy is boiling 25 grams of corn head hair in the water. One must boil it until 1/4th part of the hair remains in the water. This mixture should be taken twice a day. This mixture is very effective in producing urine and also helps if one is suffering from kidney pain. On the same lines, one can also include bottle gourd in their diet or having a glassful of its juice every day.

Few other preparations to cure infrequent urination

Research has shown that plantain plant, rosin, and snails are very effective in treating problems of infrequent urination. However, intake of all of these will require a bit of preparation. The method of preparing is also very simple, but highly effective. You will need equal amounts of all the three things. You have to grind it to a fine powder. 3.5 gm of this powder should be mixed in water and let it boil till the bubbling stage. This liquid should be set aside to cool off and should be consumed twice a day to cure infrequent urination.

For immediate relief from this problem, you can go in for cicada slough. Clean up the hands and legs of the cicada slough. Decoct it in water. 9gm of this should be consumed along with brown sugar. It provides immediate relief to the problem of infrequent urination.

Aloe vera

Aloe veraMany of us are quite familiar with the benefits which are obtained from the aloe vera plant. Generally, all parts of the plant are very useful in some of the other ways. Aloe vera, very well known for healing properties, is very commonly used as a moisturizer and as a healing agent, especially for treating cuts, painful pimple on the nipple, sores, burns, etc.

However, an additional feature of this plant is that it is very useful in treating disorders of urine. Aloe vera contains anthraquinones, which helps in reducing the growth of urinary calcium crystals. These crystals are nothing but kidney stones. Aloe vera helps in minimizing the size of the stone and ultimately throws it out of the system. Hence, people suffering from a deficiency in urination should consume aloe vera in the form of juices or syrup in their diet.

Other foods helping in treating infrequent urination

Apart from all the remedies mentioned above, there are many other foods in your kitchen that will bring a stop to all your worries of infrequent urination. Many common foods like asparagus, tomatoes, garlic help in smoothing out this problem. Asparagus helps in the smooth functioning of the kidneys. Garlic is known for its cleaning properties, and hence in cleaning the high amount of fats in the body. Tomatoes help a lot in improving the metabolism of the body and hence in keeping the problem out of the system.

Brussels, apple cider, oats, and juniper berries are also very effective in treating deficiency of urine production in the body, along with lettuce, parsley, and fennel. Green tea is also a natural remedy of curing infrequent urination.

Copper’s chemical properties

Copper’s chemical propertiesApart from all the home remedies, one can also go in for some Ayurvedic treatment to help themselves out of the problem of infrequent urination. Ayurveda is very famous for healing many diseases. One should just have to follow them regularly.

For the problem of urination, Ayurveda suggests drinking water that has been kept in a copper vessel overnight. It says that copper in the night environment transfers many of its chemical properties into the water. Some of these natural chemical properties are very useful in increasing the metabolism rate of the body.

As said before, one should follow all the home remedies to cure the problem of infrequent urination. But if the problem persists, the proper medication should be taken from an expert.

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