10 – Reasons you should watch the sunrise everyday

watch the sunrise everyday

The sun is the one thing you can depend on to be there for you every day, without fail. It rises every day, and provides a glorious new beginning to each day. Watching the sunrise can do wonders for your mental and emotional health, which leads to physical health. Research has proved that sunrise helps fight depression, anxiety and stress and does it all for free. It can fill you with renewed zeal for life, and watching the sunrise every day might help you put your life problems into perspective. Take a look at these reasons why you should watch the sunrise every day:

10 Reasons why you must watch the sunrise

1.     You experience serenity

 watch the sunrise everydayAt sunrise, the world is peaceful, noiseless and calm. There is stillness in the air, and you feel a deep connection between you and nature. The quiet serene environment fills your soul with serenity, and as you’re bathed in the golden rays of the sun, you feel the love that nature has for you.

This love which is bestowed on you by nature every day without fail, does help to face every day with the knowledge that you’re not alone, and there is a greater force which is helping you every day. So start to watch the sunrise regularly to forge the connection between you and nature, or the Supreme force.

2.     It helps to improve your mood

Many people find that looking at the sunrise improves their mood. There is more than a good chance that you will have an uplifting experience too. When you look at a magnificent sunrise, you feel your own significance and your problems seem to fade away. There are many health benefits when you look at the sunrise, as when your stress and anxiety levels come down your health definitely improves.

The positivity within you will help you make better decisions during the day. Your concentration also improves and you can assimilate information better, whether you’re a student or a professional.

3.     It resets your internal clock

 It resets your internal clockTo watch the sunrise, you have to get up early. When you get up at the crack of dawn and start your day, you will be naturally tired at the end of the day. You will sleep early to wake up early and if you continue to watch the sun rise every day, ultimately your body’s internal clock will be reset to a regular routine. This has been proved by Northwestern University Researchers, who discovered that regular exposure to sunlight not only helped to sleep better and enhanced health, but it also helped to lose and maintain weight.

4.     It helps to get relief from SAD

Other researchers discovered sunlight therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. If the winter gets you down, then if you watch the sunrise, you will be able to stay cheerful and happy even in the most cold and dreary days. Looking at a glorious sunrise will undoubtedly chase away those winter blues. So being an early bird does have its advantages!

5.     It fills you with hope and strength

It fills you with hope and strengthThere is no one who has not experienced personal disasters. You too, might be in the middle of complicated problems and you desperately need hope. You need inner strength to overcome your problems.

Sunrise promises new beginnings, new hope that things will turn out alright. The darkness of the night before is replaced by the sublime sunlight. You too feel encouraged to leave behind the dark days and look forward to new beginnings. It feels you with strength and vigor to tackle life’s problems head on. Watch the sunrise and let the bursting rays fill you with joy!

6.     Experience the beautiful colors of sunrise

When you get up early to look at the sun rising, you effort will be rewarded with the stunning kaleidoscope of colors of the sunrise. It is just like watching a painting in progress, but not one painted by the human hand. The memory of it will stay with you for your whole life. Click photos if you want, but at the same time, be present with the sunrise – allow it to fill all your senses, which you might miss out if you’re concentrated only on clicking snaps.

7.     You will be filled with gratitude

You will be filled with gratitudeStudies have proved that watching the sun rise fills you with gratitude for our Creator and all that we have. Many successful and prosperous people, including Oprah Winfrey, have stated that being grateful for every single thing we have, including the joys granted to us by nature, increases abundance.

Being thankful and living in a state of constant gratitude is not so easy, but you can perhaps feel gratitude growing in you when you start watching the sunrise as frequently as you can. You can’t help but thank the Creator for a magnificent sunrise, which sets you on the path of thankfulness.

8.     Wonder at the artistry of nature

Since every single sunrise paints a different picture on the canvas of the sky, you are filled with wonder at the awesome creativity of nature. It is a humbling experience to watch something so beautiful every day, which is so effortless and perfect.

9.     You are reminded to do your best every day

do your best every dayAn early bird catches a very different kind of worm – in this case, inspiration. You might be inspired to follow your dreams, live life to the fullest, and do the best in everything you do.

10.   You get your quota of vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for the body and encourages endorphin production, which enhances the feelings of satisfaction and happiness.

When your day begins early, you have time to accomplish many things during the day. Pending work leads to dissatisfaction and anxiety, but just because you woke up early to see the sun rise, you will perhaps go for a walk or run or go to the gym. You have time to get home and eat breakfast and feel happy that you exercised and maybe even catch up on your studies. When you finish doing so many things early in the morning, you will feel as if half the battle is already won!

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