10 – Morning rituals that would definitely boost your creativity


They say, “Time and Tide wait for none.” So, if you do not utilize your time in a smart way, then time will run out of your hands. It’s important to manage the time and mood accordingly.

Sometimes, we do work for long hours, but at the end, we end up with incomplete work. This happens when we do not perform our morning rituals effectively.

Always start your morning with a positive mindset. You should not take too much load on your to-do list. If you start your day on a positive note, then the rest of the day will automatically fall into good places.

If you are not a morning person, then there is nothing to worry. A little adjustment in your morning routine can bring a huge change for the entire day. So, here are the following morning ritualsthat you should follow for a motivated and productive day:

1.     Wake Up Early

 Wake Up EarlyMake a habit of waking up early at least one hour before your usual time. This is the time, which belongs purely to you. You can freshen up, go to the balcony, look into nature and have some alone time with yourself. It will boost your creativity and will make you energetic to start your day with a bang. It also helps you bring close to nature, and you can plan your day ahead in a cool manner.

2.     Exercise

Exercise not only keeps your health in good condition. But, it will help you boost your creativity. During workout session, you can sweat out all your problems, and also give time to think on the solutions of other problems. Do not push yourself too much with intense workout rather you can indulge in brisk walking for 30 mins. It will help you gain strength, give energy and motivate you for the rest of the day.

3.     Meditation

MeditationIf you are a morning person, then waking up early is not so problematic for you. So, invest your morning time in meditation. It will help you become more focus on your life goals. Though meditation is not a one-day activity. You need to practice it daily for 100% result. Start with just 5 minutes and increase the time span gradually. At first, you will face many problems. But, in regular practice, you will come up with the problems. Once you make meditation your habit, you will gain inner confidence, and you will become focused on your life.

4.     Write 3 pages

Writing is a good way to flush out all your boring and negative thoughts. At least write 3 pages on a regular basis. You can write some positive topics, make a to-do list or write the planning of your entire day. The writing helps you pen down all your negative thoughts, and you can flush out all the miserable things from your life. So, take your pen and paper and start the practice to write at least three pages. Gradually, increase the number of pages.

5.     Plan the daily task

After you complete 3 pages of writing, make a cup of immunity booster tea or a cup of coffee. Have your breakfast and if you can, then try some new breakfast every day. It will set your mood right, and you will feel energetic. A plate of colorful veggies and fruits always bring clarity and creativity. A good breakfast also increases productivity because it sets your mood right. If you plan your day to day task, then clear out all your confusions.

6.     Clean up physical and mental space

If you are associated with the creative world, then you should clean up your room before you set the right mood to work. It will increase productivity, and you will definitely produce good work during your working hours. You cannot perform your creative work if you do not clean up your mental junks. To stay productive and motivate, you always focus on these spaces. They play an important role in your life. A tidy room always brings positive mood in your house, and this helps you to work efficiently.

7.     Healthy drink

Having a healthy drink is one of the best parts of morning rituals. So, you should make a healthy oats banana smoothie and have it in the morning. It will rejuvenate you and give you more power and strength. It also refreshes your mood and starts your day kick-ass.

8.     Plan your work

If you are working from home, then you should plan the day nicely. Divide your time between family and professional. It will give you balance to manage the work and home effectively. If you are a working mother, then keep your baby in a reliable day center that is close to your office. It will help you keep an eye on your kid, and you can manage work efficiently.

9.     Hydrate yourself

Drink water or any kind of fluid at a regular interval. It will help your body to flush out all the toxins. So, you should hydrate your body well and maintain the water level in your body. So, make it a habit to drink 2 glass of water early in the morning, and then drink water all through the day. Drinking water is one of the best morning rituals that everyone should follow on a daily basis.

10.   Take good skincare

Taking good care of your skin is also important. Let your skin breathe properly. When you look into the mirror, you should feel beautiful both from inside and outside. Follow proper morning skincare routine and feel fresh to start the day. It will rejuvenate you and keep all the negatives away.

Final Words

So, you should follow all these morning rituals and keep yourself healthy and happy. These morning rituals will enhance your productivity level and give you the best result. During initial days, you will feel the problem, but slowly it will become your regular habit, and you will feel great from inside. Overall, you will become a completely different person.

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