10 Easy no equipment home cardio workouts

no equipment home cardio workouts

The modern life may offer several benefits but it also comes with the threat of several lifestyle diseases. The advent of the situation of being a couch potato leads to obesity which can be life threatening over a period of time. Apart from this, to maintain a healthy heart it is important to indulge in light cardio exercises on a regular basis. The problem is that the hectic work schedule leaves little room for one to hit the gym regularly. So here we will tell you about some no equipment home cardio workouts. These are simple to practice on a regular basis and will help you reduce belly fat of simply to stay hale and hearty.

Some of the simple no equipment home cardio workouts

  1. Spot running:

    spot runningYou probably thought that running requires a treadmill or at least a proper track or field. Spot running however requires none of that. It is a very effective exercise to reduce belly fat, and can be performed in a small space. All you need to do is keep running as fast as you can without changing your position. Stop when too tired and after a brief rest begin again. This is a proven calorie burner.

  2. Jumping jacks:

    Find a plank or an elevated surface in your house. It could even be your stairs. Now get on top of it and get down in a running motion. Repeat the process very fast so as to tire yourself out. This has been proven to be a very effective calorie burner and if you plan on no equipment home cardio workouts it is advisable to not skip these.

  3. Skipping rope:

    Skipping ropeSchool was probably the last time you used these but your home cardio workout can be made a lot better if you use the skipping rope again. This is a hit among the no equipment home cardio workouts and the rhythmic jumps not only burn the calories but also keep you fit and the heart in good shape.

  4. Sumo squat punches:

    Sumo squat punches are a must for you if you workout to lose weight. To initiate this exercise take up the sumo squat position and bend sharply. The fists then need to be brought in front of your chests so as to launch some punches in the air. The process can be repeated about 50 times for each of the sets. Be sure to land your punches of an angle of about 45’ from the body.

  5. Butt kickers:

    Butt kickers

    If easy bodyweight exercises are your thing, butt kickers have to feature in the list of your home cardio exercises. This is really simple to implement. All you have to do is stand in a position and make running motions with your legs being raised higher than usual; such that your legs hit your hips. Repeat for about a hundred times and you will be back in good shape in no time.

  6. Plyo Hook lunges:

    This is such a high intensity workout that just 50 repetitions will make you drained and you would also end up burning a significant number of calories. For doing these Plyo Hook Lunges, stand such that the right leg is in the front. The right leg should be bent in a 90’ angle and the left leg should be positioned behind your body. The arms should resemble a hook punch and should also be at a 90’ angle bent. Now use the power in the right leg to execute a jump and land on the left leg. In the meantime position the other arm this time and go on repeating the entire process for a fat free healthy body.

  7. Sumo squat jumps:

    Sumo-squat-jumps.To perform this exercise, begin with a wide sumo squat position where your hands are so placed that they are in front of your chest. First try to bend deep in the squat position and then execute a good high jump. If this is too simple for you and you want to challenge yourself further, then stretch the legs wider while you are airborne. If you perform 50 of these challenging jumps, you are good to go on your fitness spree.

  8. High knees:

    This is among the most popular no equipment home cardio workouts. In this simple exercise try to adopt a running motion where the knees would be raised much higher than the usual position. The more you can raise them, the more challenging you would be making it for yourself. If this is done for a mere five minutes you would burn way more calories than five minutes on a treadmill. Clearly this is a key exercise in staying fit and strong.

  9. Side to side punches:

    Side to side punchesTo perform this simple exercise you need to be standing with your legs hip distance apart. Then punch to your right side using your left arm. During this motion most of your weight would be on your left leg. The motion can be repeated this time punching the other side and also shifting the weight on the legs to the other leg. This is a great exercise to warm up your body before moving on to other exercises as it also involves some minor stretching moves.

  10. Heismans:

    You cannot skip this among the easy bodyweight exercises that you want to perform for the utility of this exercise. To begin this exercise you need to stand in a stance where your legs are slightly wider than the hip distance. Now the right leg needs to be lifted and brought near the chest. Then jump and switch legs slowly bringing this to a quick motion. Repeat this exercise for about 50 times for the best results. 

Final words

These easy bodyweight exercises do not need any expert supervision or any special equipment. Do not have excuses from now on for not working out and implement all that you learnt to build yourself a tight workout schedule. Even if you do not have to work out to lose weight, do so just to have a healthy heart. Health is wealth after all and must never be ignored.

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