10 – Best Energy Boosting Food for the Elderly


Nutrition is extremely important to boost your health by leaps and bounds. For the elderly however it is all the more important. With the burden of old age people tend to get less and less energetic. Eventually it comes to this that the everyday activities too, become an important task to accomplish.  So in this article we decided to come up with a solution and let you know about the best food for seniors that you can get your hands on. This will play an important role in them leading long and energy boosting lives.

List of the best energy boosting food

  1. Watermelon:
    We all know the importance of fruits for our body. With the right kind of vitamins and minerals they are an essential part of an old man’s diet. In fact watermelon in particular is an amazing thing to give to the elderly. Old age often gets them dehydrated with the slightest of things. The water content in this fruit means that apart from being a nutritious food option it will also provide some energy by hydrating their old bodies. When it comes to energy boosting fruits, few can beat the goodness of the watermelon.

  2. Oatmeal with berries: Berries are rich in such goodness that it is regarded as a great companion for good health. When you put them in the oatmeal being served to the elderly it also acts as a welcome relief from the monotonous taste of the oatmeal. While it is a very healthy consumption for the old people oatmeal’s bland flavor is not a great food to consume. This gets the necessary upliftment when berries are added as energy boosting measures because they make up with their rich taste and flavor.

  3. Greek Yogurt:
    Bowl of greek yogurt
    Greek yogurt is increasingly becoming popular for the population that seeks instant good taste with good nutrition. For the elderly too it proves to be a great benefit as they can have a guilt free snack anytime of the day. With great taste available with good health and good nutrition Greek yogurt is among the most nutritious healthy food that is easily available. You can even serve them smoothies in case you intend to serve someone with tooth problems.

  4. Walnuts: As the doctors say, nuts are the best way to add fat to your body. The walnuts would be an excellent buy while picking food for the elderly. It is known to provide a great deal of energy and strength for the elderly. If you have someone who is not willing to have one there are many ways by which you can imbibe memorizing and an occasional feed of walnuts of where we can choose from. It is the best among the high energy foods available for the elderly and when it comes to energy boosting food this is definitely the one to be included for them.

  5. Cottage cheese with low fat volume:  
    This too is yet another good example for the food for seniors that should hold them in good stead. The protein content will provide them with the very essential proteins that they need for their bodies. The low fat will make sure that they do not face problems like obesity or other associated health problems. There is also a lot of healthy calories in cottage cheese to provide them with good energy to function all day. You can add this as a part of their diet for breakfast or any other meal of the day.

  6. Cold water fish: Omega fatty acids are an essential for all humans and more so for the elderly. Since we are on the topic of energy boosting food items for the elderly we cannot skip the importance of omega fatty acids for them. The easiest available sources are some fishes like salmon, trout or tuna. This has to be made a part of their regular diet so that they do not miss out on the nutrition that they need so badly.

  7. Dark chocolate:
    old woman eating Dark chocolate
    This may come across as a bit of a surprise but dark chocolate can do a world of good for the seniors. This however is the case only when the constituent is more than 70% cocoa. The sugar content too should be at a minimum level. Dark chocolate has a generous helping of caffeine and this does the energy values of the elderly a big help to stay active. Few energy boosting foods in fact have this perfect condition of good taste and good health. So from the next time they do not have to skip dessert and can instead munch on some dark chocolate goodness.

  8. Plenty of water: The fluid intake of an old person has to be perfect. While he is at a risk of getting dehydrated, it has to be taken into account that his kidneys are not as they used to be. A problem can be fatal and so the water consumption for the elderly is crucial to say the least. It must be ensured that they consume a lot of water so that there is no case of missing out on crucial fluids at this age. So besides a proper diet this is as much important if not more.

  9. Milk:
    energy boosting food
    This is regarded as the best of all energy boosting food for all ages. For the elderly as long as they are not lactose intolerant a low fat variant of milk can be a great option to consume. The all round nutritional value with generous protein and good fats will mean that milk can be a beneficial addition to his or her diet.

Final words

Good nutrition with the right food items is extremely important and must be paid due attention. We hope that this article would help you ensure that you know about the right food for the elderly. After all for the long hard lives that they have led so far, the least we can do is make sure that in their old age they are provided with the best possible nutritional foods.

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