10 Ab Workouts to get superb 6-packs at Home


Most ab workouts for 6-packs usually work out your torso intensely and more than the rest of the body. These are exercises that are mostly focused on the mid-region of your body with enough stress distributed over to your arms and legs.

Cardio exercises, like running, do help. But if you are keen on getting a 6-pack, you need to follow some highly intense workout schedule for a minimum period of 4 months to help you attain those abs. We recommend these 10 ab-workouts for 6-pack that you can try at home or at the gym, and achieve apparent results with consistent exercise.


Arms high partial sit up:

Arms-high-partial-sit-upFor this intense ab workout, you need to lie down flat on your back and keep your knees at an angle of 90o. Then raise your arms towards the ceiling as high as you can, even if it causes you to lift your head from up the floor. Pretend you are reaching out to something on the top. Sit up slowly but not completely, then go back to your lying position. This is one rep. You need to do at least 3 daily.

Starfish planks:

Lie on your stomach and spread your limbs like a starfish. Then, support yourself with both arms but not in a regular fashion. Your arms and legs need to spread as far wide as you can. Here, your palms will be carrying the weight of your body rather than your elbows.


PlanksPlanks are the best ab workouts for 6-pack which don’t need any major equipment. They are nothing but lying down on your chest and hoisting yourself up on your elbows and staying in that position for as long as you can. Planks are the most widely recommended type of ab workouts for men at home if you are looking to work out your upper body and abdomen. This increases your arm strength and you gain more muscle mass.

Flutter kicks:

For flutter kicks, one of the most promising ab workouts for men at home, lie down flat on your back and lift one leg above the floor up to 6 inches. Then bring that leg down while you take the next up. Repeat this motion swiftly with increasing intensity until you can do so without straining your legs. This may seem quite simple and easy to do, but it really isn’t. But don’t worry! You can master it with the correct technique and regular practice. They are also one of the most highly recommended ab workouts for 6-pack.

Side planks:

Side-planksThese are when you support your entire body with only one elbow while lying down on your side. Switch your arms when you feel that they are getting sore.

Sit and throw:

For this, you need a medicine ball and a wall a few feet away from you. Lie down on your back with your toes tucked under strong and sturdy support. Sit up the straight and throw the ball to the wall. By the time the ball rebounds, you need to complete one crunch. This will cause you to lie down and sit up extremely quickly so as not to miss the ball, working out your torso effectively in the process.


Swiss ball crunch:

Swiss-ball-crunchThis is basically crunches involving a Swiss ball. Lie on the swiss ball placing your lower back on it and knees slightly apart. Your hands go behind your head to aid in sitting up and lying down. From this position, try and sit up slowly until you are halfway there. Then go back to your original position. Complete as much reps as you can daily.

Russian twist:

Most ab workouts at the gym use certain equipment, and so do Russian twists. In this workout, you use medicine ball to twist and turn working out your torso. To do it, first sit up straight and keep your knees slightly apart. Hold a medicine ball in your hand and turn to your left and then follow it up by turning right, repeat this in swift motions until you can keep up the speed. This is better if down with a partner with both your backs touching while you keep passing the ball as fast as you can. This works out your entire back and torso well.

Suitcase deadlift:

Suitcase-deadlift.Keep a loaded barbell on your side and lift it with one hand like a suitcase while keeping your back naturally straight and relaxed. Keep holding it and stand straight for as long as you can without allowing your body to incline towards the barbell. Repeat this with the other arm. Don’t try such ab workouts for 6-pack with heavyweights in the first go. Start with the minimum weights, increasing it as you gain stamina over time.

Straight leg barbell sit-up:

For this intense ab workout, you need an empty or loaded barbell. Lie down on your back with the barbell mounted on your hands extended straight up over your chest. Keep your hands in that position while slowly sitting up. Then, raise your hands raised on top of your head and lie down on your back bringing your arms back to the original position. Do this as fast and for as long as you can since this is one of the major ab workouts for 6-pack.


True that these exercises, if done correctly and daily, will eventually give you a clear 6-pack to kill for! However, you misunderstand that exercises play little role in shaping your body compared to the role a good and healthy diet plays.

If your diet is not in order and consists of mainly junk food, you will not be able to achieve those abs no matter how hard you try these ab workouts for 6-pack. Therefore, focus on your exercises, eat well, align your lifestyle accordingly, and you will soon have a set of 6-pack abs to flaunt!

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