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Ways to get Beyonce like legs

Beyonce’s sex quotient, it goes without saying, is dependent majorly on her legs. The proud possessor of one of the most attractive pair of thunder thighs in Hollywood, Beyonce has to work hard to maintain such sassy legs. She does cycling, treadmills and cardio-exercises thirty minutes, five days a week, followed by forty-five minutes of leg toning exercises. Throw in a well-planned diet and you have the perfect ingredients to Beyonce like legs. A majority of leg exercises she performs work directly by strengthening the lower body muscles. Of course, exercises are not the only strategy Beyonce relies on for those great legs. Psychological well-being too has a part to play here. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Read on to know more such amazing stuff about Beyonce and her leg shaping routines.

The travel lunge

Step forward with the left leg from a standing position. Now, drop the right knee down as far as it is possible for you, to a few inches off the floor, in our opinion, would be ideal. Stand up and bring the right foot in line with your left. Beyonce, in normal parlance, does ten reps on the same leg before starting on her other leg. To make the whole regime all the more intensive, drop the knee once, bring it up back again and then drop it within each lunge. Travel lunges work by strengthening your lower body muscles. While the length of the stance will help determine whether you focus more on your thighs or butts, the hamstring and calves reap benefits from the exercise regardless of how wide the stance was.

The straight leg deadlift

Also known as the Romanian dead-lift, performing this straight leg exercise is fairly simple. Here is how Beyonce does it and to have legs like her, you should follow suit as well. Hold a pair of light dumbbells, stand up straight on low steps or at the bottom of the stairs with your toes hanging about two inches over the step’s edge. Apart from making your thighs work harder as ever, this also challenges your balance. Now, bend over from the waist slowly. Be sure to keep your legs straight. Next, run the dumbbells down the thighs until you cannot go further beyond. Hold the position for ten seconds, come back slowly. Beyonce, on an average, performs about ten to twenty reps. Performing the exercise regularly will help strengthen your involved muscles and enable them to function potentially and effectively. A must recommended workout if you wish to have Beyonce’s thunder thighs!

The knee drop

Go back to the travel lunge position again. However, this time around your hands need to be placed against a wall in front of you. Now, start pushing your back foot along the floor far away from the wall. While doing so, your back knee should be pushed down and raised again. Perform ten reps at least before swapping legs. For best results, follow your favorite star and repeat for as long as it is possible for you to. And this, mind it will see your thighs toning and slimming in just 4 to 6 weeks, ala Beyonce’s. So, what are you waiting for exactly? Dive for it gals!

Reverse lunge press

Reverse lunge press is moving one of the legs behind you from a standing position and then lunging down towards the ground. It involves movement sequencing in the muscles, which ultimately helps the body coordinate and maintain alignment and balance. Moreover, they can also help improve muscle activity. Beyonce, it goes without saying, performs them after a prolonged cardio session everyday. Here is how you should do it. Stand tall with the arms bent below your elbows. Now stepping one leg back into a lunge, raise your arms overhead. Step up to the first position and swap legs. And there you are, with a perfect reverse lunge press, much like Beyonce’s.

Dumbbell front squat

Hold dumbbells in each of your hands on the shoulders. Be sure to experiment with different grips and positions. Turning the hands in at 45 degrees with dumbbell’s handle resting on top of the shoulders may be a good beginning point. With the dumbbells held this way and the feet almost shoulder-width apart, squat as low as it would be possible for you to without leaning the body forward. Now, stand up and slowly press the dumbbells to the fullest extension overheard before getting them lowered. This finishes off one repetition. The front squat portion works your quadriceps, the cluster of muscles on the thigh front, thereby helping you achieve Beyonce like super legs.

Jumping lunge

Stand with one foot forward, and the other one back. In doing so, bend both your knees in a somewhat modified squat position. The thigh on the front leg and shin on the rear should remain parallel to the ground. Your rear leg knee should almost be touching the floor. In case, the right leg is in the front, be sure to raise the left hand at right angles in front of you. Now, slowly put the right arm behind, with your upper arm parallel to the ground. Once ready, jump up with a near explosive motion, getting both your feet well off the ground. You have to switch mid-air so the front leg moves to the rear and the rear goes to the front. The arms need to be switched accordingly. The exercise, among Beyonce’s most preferred ones, tones the shins, calves and quadriceps to give you sassy legs.

Eat healthy

Beyonce normally enjoys snack to keep energy levels up. The star can also be seen sinking her teeth into foods like oatcakes, fruits or yoghurt covered almonds often. In order to achieve legs like her’s, never skip meals. Beyonce aims primarily for 3 meals with 2 snacks in between every day. Also, be sure to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Drink lots and lots of water every day, just like Beyonce. If possible, cut down on sugary, salty and junk foods. Don’t, however, cut these out of the diet completely. Beyonce allows herself a Junk food treats occasionally. Just enjoy such food in moderation. Do not go overboard.

Stay motivated

This may sound like a piece of philosophical sermon at the outset, but deep down the strategy really helps, or in Beyonce’s case it certainly does. Asked how she maintains that body, Beyonce, in an interview, revealed that among other things, it is her goal which keeps her going. The starlet keeps a poster of the Oscar trophy on the wall of her gym. It kind of inspires her to continue working at it. Before you attempt Beyonce’s leg toning or leg strengthening exercises, it needs to be borne in mind that each of them requires some degree of effort and determination. While this may not boil down as something significant initially, after a few days, when the workout regime starts looking tiring, you will be tempted to go back to the former routine. It is at times like these that you need some motivation to keep going. And to accomplish the task, there are countless options available in the form of photos, messages and posters. Try them on!

Donkey kick

All we can say about this last piece is that it can really help you achieve toned legs and of course, great butts. Whether or not Beyonce practices the donkey kick remains a mystery. The exercise, nonetheless, is a time tested one, which countless celebrities over time have performed and have been benefited from. So, here it goes. Start on all fours on the floor. Now, lift one knee completely off the ground and kick your foot back and up toward the room’s ceiling. For best results, there need to be eight to twenty repetitions at least.

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