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Leg cramps

Treating leg cramps with home remedies

Leg cramps

Leg cramps are very painful experience. The problem worsens in winter, even a little stretching after a comfortable sleep can make you writhe in leg cramps pain. The pain is so intense that it destroys the whole comfort after a good sleep. Normally it takes 4 to 5 hours for the cramp to go away completely. However, with few home remedies, this can be cured in lesser time. Sometimes, the cramps are so severe that it needs immediate attention. There are other forms of cramps too. Sports such as football, hockey and cricket give rise to cramps due to hours of tiring game play. Even athletes and swimmers face the leg cramps situation due to excessive leg straining. Here are few simple home remedies for treating leg cramps to have your legs ready for daylong ordeals:

1. Hot shower

There is nothing like a hot shower to rejuvenate your muscles. Hot shower relaxes the tension in muscles giving instant relief for cramps due to stretched situation. The morning hot shower is refreshing too as it eases of body tension preventing frequent recurrence of the cramps. The temperature of the water should be highest tolerable temperature. The high temperature soothes the muscle to untwine itself to relieve the pain.

2. Tonic water

Tonic water is a kind of unconventional therapy that involves washing the affected area with tonic water. Actually, tonic therapy works based on osmotic balances techniques. The osmotic pressure gives a calm and soothing effect on muscles curing cramps pain almost immediately. The salt water is somewhat good remedy for treating sprains and cramps.

3. Pressing the upper lip

It is believed that the pressing the upper lip actually works to cure cramp situations. The upper lip is connected to calf and thigh muscles of body. Pressing the upper lip stimulates the leg muscles giving an instant relief to the painful situation. However, the technique of pressing should be uniform throughout the upper lip. However, the therapy has no scientific backing to support.

4. Stretching the legs

It is good remedy for treating muscle problems. It relaxes and contracts the muscles curing cramp like situation almost immediately. Actually, the cramps are nothing but intertwining of muscle fibers. These muscles can be untwined with Stretching exercise. It gives an instant relief to the user. However, it is better to be stretching knowing in presence of a trainer or professional physiotherapist. Wrong stretching can make the situation worse. Just remember the fact that stretching against the pain is not advised

5. Drink plenty of water

All forms of leg cramps have been traced back to dehydration. When muscle fibers loose water, the osmotic balance of the area changes dramatically. These changes can severely affect the muscles. Even a little form of stretching can result in painful cramps. Most of the sportsmen and athletes get sprains and cramps due to water loss. The only way is to have as much as water as you . Better option is to add salt, citric acid and sugar to revitalize the body against tiredness. Drinking excessive water has other advantages also. It clears out the toxic salt and unwanted chemicals out of the body. The desiccation cures can be a wonderful for skins and muscles. Frequent drinking of water prevents the recurrence of cramps. You need to make sure that even when you are playing or exercising, always rehydrate yourself regularly taking short brakes. It will increase your stamina as well as prevent cramps.

6. Intake Calcium and potassium rich diet

Calcium and Potassium helps in muscle movements. The muscles system works with balancing of salts. Calcium and Potassium rich diet can prevent the occurrence of cramps. You can take fish, eggs, milk and green leafy vegetables, as they are good source of mineral such as calcium and potassium. If you have a good diet plan then these salts do play a useful role in prevention of many diseases including the muscle cramps.

7. Drink apple cider

Apple cider vinegar has a high potassium content that helps in preventing the cramps as well as treating cramps. Take two teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar with little honey and mix it with glass full warm water. Taking a glassful of apple cider daily is very useful for sportsmen and athlete for stamina building, rehydration as well as recurrence of cramps. Apple cider is useful with many other advantages. However, the drink should not be given to kids suffering from any ulcerative ailment as the vinegar is harmful in such situations.

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