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Toothache Home Remedies

Best home remedies for toothaches

Toothache Home Remedies

Toothaches are not life threatening, but the excruciating pain is enough to disengage you from all normal activities. Seldom will you come across a person who has never been through this suffering. Toothache mainly arises from dental caries in which cavities are created in the tooth due to prolonged acidic reaction of the food particles. Bacterial infection sets in the cavities causing unbearable toothache. Tooth abscess, broken tooth and gum diseases are other probable causes for tooth aches. Poor oral hygiene is the root of all types of toothaches.

Toothache Home Remedies

Home remedies for toothaches:

You can try out the following home remedies for toothaches before taking any pain killers. These simple remedies can provide you instant relief from the throbbing pain.

1. Apply an ice pack

Wrap one or two ice cubes in a cloth and apply on the affected tooth. Your pain will subside soon as ice numbs the painful area. Do not apply ice directly on the tooth.

2. Clove oil

Clove oil has been used to treat a number of tooth problems since ages and it is also effective in reducing toothaches. You can apply few drops of clove oil on the affected tooth. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of this oil help reduce the pain within minutes. Avoid frequent application of clove oil as it may damage the gums.

3. Warm water rinse

Add 2-3 teaspoon full of salt in a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth vigorously with it. Salt extracts some fluids that cause toothaches and helps reduce the pain. Moreover, salt helps in cleansing the affected areas. Rinsing your mouth with plain lukewarm water can also reduce toothache to some extent.

4. Garlic

Smash few cloves of garlic and sprinkle little rock salt in it. Apply this mixture on the affected tooth. You will experience a reduction in pain after some time. The sulfurous compounds in garlic have anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties that treat the infection and reduce the pain.

5. Treatment with fresh peppermint leaves

Add fresh peppermint leaves and a little salt in a bowl of water and boil it for five minutes. Swish your mouth with this mixture when it is lukewarm to reduce your toothache.

Maintain proper oral hygiene. Quit smoking as it will aggravate the condition. Avoid drinking too hot and cold beverages. Extreme temperature conditions increase the pain due to the sensitivity of the nerve endings. Reduce the intake of sugary food items.

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