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Facial exercises that can help you steer clear of signs of aging and stress

Stress and pollution couple to produce facial signs of aging and this toxic mixture is an undeniable and inescapable reality of the modern day. Your beauty deserves to be protected and cosmetic solutions are not as reliable as natural ways. With the increased action of a muscle prone to contraction, folds on theskin are a stepping stone for future wrinkles.

Facial exercises that can be done at home are a fail-safe way to reverse these preliminary signs of aging by providing a quick workout for your facial muscles.

Eye Opener exercise


Make your eyes appear larger and more alert by this simple face exercise routine. This facial massage exercise works on the upper and lower eyelids to reduce lowereye puffiness and give you a younger appearance. Sit in front of a mirror and place your index fingers above your brows to touch them in between and curl your thumbs lightly around the outereye corners.

Shut your eyes tightly and start pulling your brows upwards with your index fingers and pulling your thumbs outwards towards your ears. Keep your eyes tightly shut to make sure your eye muscles are working against the resistance created by your finger and thumb pressure.

The forehead smoother

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Make fists with both of your hands and place the knuckles of the middle and index finger in the center of your forehead. Apply and maintain a slight pressure as your pull your fists apart to each side. Repeat this exercise for at least 40 seconds to get maximum benefits. This facial exercise prevents wrinkles and forehead folds with acupressure.

The facelift exercise


Nasolabial lines or folds are smile lines formed with regular contraction in a large group of muscles. To smooth these lines, place both your palms on your temples. Push your hands up and backward to lift your complete face. While doing this with your palms, form an ‘O’ with your mouth and drop your jaw to make your face longer. Hold this position for 5 seconds before relaxing. Repeat 2-3 times each day in your face workout.

The lip lift

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Begin by pressing your lips together and pulling the corners of your lips in. Maintaining this pose, tap the corners of your mouth with your index fingers. Holding the corners of your mouth with your fingers pull them up and down until you begin sensing a burning sensation in the muscles of your lower lip.

Swiftly pull your index fingers up and down to intensify the burning sensation and work the muscles to their maximum for 40 seconds. At the end keep your lips together and release all the tension by blowing through them to vibrate them.

Nasal Plumper

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To eliminate facial lines that run down from the nostrils to the upper lip, this is a great exercise. Keep your lip stretched against the upper teach and form an ‘O’ with your mouth. Keep your index fingers at the corners of your mouth and move them slowly upwards in the nasolabial fold.

Once you have reached the nostrils move back downwards to the corners of the mouth. Repeat this until you start feeling a burning sensation in the nasolabial area. Pulse your index finger quickly in the fold to a count of 30 seconds.

The neck lift

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To tighten the neck and jawline and firm up double chins by burning facial fat , include a 40-second workout with this exercise to your daily routine. Pucker your lips to a side as far as you can and you will start feeling a stretch in your cheek. Stretch your neck to the same side creating an angle of 45 degrees. Hold this position for 3 seconds, then release and repeat for the other side.

Facelift surgeries and botox can be avoided easily with a regular tone up of the facial muscles. By finding exactly which problem you need to be addressed you can include a variety of quick and easy to do face exercises and make a routine of giving your facial muscles a thorough workout.

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