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Exercises for women to get a sexy upper back

Sexy back is every woman’s dream. A fat back with tiers and bulges is not exactly an appealing sight even if you have a toned rear. Upper back exercises like dumbbell rows, power shrugs, seated row, lat pull down, forward back bend and swimming help in enhancing the shape of your neck and shoulders. These exercises also help in providing a cervical support to your back and at the same time reduce the appearance of fat deposits appearing above and below your bra straps. If you are the one for off shoulder dresses or deep v-back necks, then these exercises would help you achieve your dream back without any layers of unwanted back fat. So, involve these exercises in your daily regime of workout. The advantage with these exercises is that you can perform them several times a day depending on your requirement and at any time of the day.

Dumbbell rows

A dumbbell row is an easy exercise which helps you to get rid of excess fat from your upper back, thus toning your upper back muscles. This exercise can be done with or without weights. To perform this exercise, place your one foot in front of your other foot with your upper body bent slightly forward and your right hand should brace a firm support of an object like bench. Hold the dumbbell firmly in your left hand hanging down towards the floor. Turn your head to your right and pull up the dumbbell to your chest without moving your torso. Now squeeze your upper back muscles and hold to a count of one and slowly get back to the normal position and repeat again switching sides. Repeat for 10 to 15 times but slowly increase number of times of performing this exercise and never go down with a jerk or you may end injuring your lower back.

Power shrugs

Hold the dumbbells or any weights firmly in both your hands. Make sure the weights should not be more than 10 pounds for the beginners. This exercise can be done without the weights too, if you don’t want to use any weight, then make a fist of your hands. Stand straight with your feet apart at the shoulder distance, arms hanging down towards the floor. Now try to slowly lift your shoulder up towards your ears. Hold this position for 5 to 19 seconds and get your back to the straight or normal position. Repeat it at least 10 times daily for best results. This exercise works on the head of the shoulders, correct alignment of the shoulder blades and muscles located in the upper and back neck. Try to avoid excess weight as you may lose your grip on the weight and be careful not to rotate your shoulders during this exercise, rather simply raise them straight up and straight down.

Seated row

Seated row works on every major muscles of your back along with the shoulder and biceps. This machine equipment helps in providing you with an adequately conditioned back, thus helping you to achieve a sleek, strong and sexy back. Sit in front of the rowing machine, bending your knees and feet resting on the footrest. While you begin to exercise, your torso should be bent slightly forward. Straighten your back, stabilize the core and pull the handle towards your chest bringing your elbows as far as possible. Now slowly return back to the starting position. Repeat 8 to 12 times in three sets using a weight. It is a low impact exercise which strengthens the shoulder, arms and back muscles. Keep your back straight during the workout and avoid putting extra pressure on your back.

Lat pull down

Pull down workout helps to strengthen the secondary muscles of your upper back. These muscles consist of latissimus dorsi, trapezius, and rhomboids which compose the upper back musculature. Pull downs are normally performed with a straight bar and to increase the effect of the exercise, work on each side independently. To perform this exercise, sit with padded support tight on your thighs and knees positioned under the roller pads. Now grip the handle and pull it straight towards your chest. Hold the position for a few seconds and then slowly release the bar to return to its starting position. Do it 8 to 12 times in a set of three. Try this exercise using weights too. This workout would help you to get rid of extra flab from your back making it look sexier. Though over exercising can result in shoulder impingement syndrome.

Forward back bend

Forward back bend helps your back to get rid of those unwanted tiers and flab, thus helping you to achieve the back you always dreamt of. Stand straight with your feet apart wider than your shoulder distance. Now bend forward without bending your knees, keeping your back parallel to the floor and looking towards the ground. Lift your arms with the palms of the hands facing outward to reach your shoulder level. Lower down further and hold this position for a few seconds. In the beginning, perform the workout for 5 to 10 times and slowly increase the repetitions. This is an easy workout without any disadvantages.


Though swimming is an entire body exercise, but few strokes focus on the shoulders and the upper body part, thus toning the upper back muscles. Strokes like freestyle, backstroke, butterfly stroke and dog paddle in particular work on the upper body and back muscles. Try to improve on the technique of strokes to achieve best possible results. When you are swimming freestyle, your shoulders should be hunched up with the shoulder blades pulled back together and pressed against your spine. Back stroke concentrates on the shoulder, back and abdominal muscles. As backstroke demands so much of flexibility of the shoulder, it may sometimes cause slight irritation in the shoulder muscles. If such a stage persists, then discontinue it immediately. During dog paddle, perform small hand paddles to avoid straining your back. You could perform up to 100 strokes of any of the styles chosen.

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