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Best home remedies to treat black spots on face

Dark spots on the face which might occur as dark patches are formed on the skin due to the increased production of melanin, a skin pigment. This condition can be caused due to various reasons that include, acne, aging, over exposure to UV rays, skin disease as well as hormonal imbalances in women due to pregnancy. Medically known as ‘hyper-pigmentation’, dark or black spots are relatively harmless apart from looking unsightly, particularly if they occur on the face. There are many medical procedures and over-the-counter medicines to treat hyper-pigmentation through skin lightening; however, homemade remedies can also effectively lighten the dark spots successfully. Not only are home remedies inexpensive, but you can also be sure of no side effects.

Horseradish and a vinegar paste

This home remedy requires simple ingredients that can be easily found around the home: horseradish and vinegar. This remedy is very simple and quick for application purposes as you are required to mix fresh horseradish with 1/4 of a cup of vinegar. Let this sit for a fortnight or so for all the beneficial properties of either ingredients to mix uniformly. After the setting period, strain the mixture and store in a jar. Apply this at least three times to your black spots for great results. You would have to continue doing this for months altogether as home remedies are usually time consuming, but the results would be worthwhile. The cost incurred in this home remedy is minimal and there are no lifestyle adjustments required either.

Aloe Vera gel

Another great home remedy to cure black spots is Aloe Vera. This plant is extremely easy to grow in your home and its pulp is extremely beneficial for many purposes as well. Aloe gel is basically the extract or the pulp of the Aloe Vera leaves that can be manually scooped out and crushed into a gel-like form. You can turn the Aloe vera gel into a drink form by mixing it with honey, water and lemon for drinking, as it is very beneficial for skin disorders. You can use the gel in place of a cream or lotion as it is full of Vitamins C and E, which are very good for the skin. Aloe Vera gel can also be used in place of a sun-block as it can prevent sun burns due to its healing properties. Aloe Vera can successfully lighten the skin if it is done on a regular basis over a period of months. The only lifestyle change that you would need to incorporate would be to keep an Aloe Vera plant inside the home for easy access, apart from making sure that you consume Aloe Vera juice on a daily basis in the morning, as it flushes out toxins and aids digestion. This home remedy is inexpensive and quite effective too.

Raw potatoes and onions

Another inexpensive home remedy makes use of raw onions and potatoes as the main ingredients. The method is slightly time consuming, but sparing a few minutes for preparation should not be much of a hassle. For this remedy, you would have to slice up raw onions and potatoes and leave them on the skin for several minutes. Let the juices of these vegetables settle on your skin, as they have beneficial properties. However, a better way to ensure that the juices reach your skin, you can perhaps blend the two vegetables in a blender to a paste-like consistency and apply to your face. Leave it on for around half and hour and wash with normal water. This is a long term remedy, but is very effective. Within weeks, you can see your dark spots lightening quite drastically.

A natural facemask made out of lemon juice, raw almonds, honey and milk

There are many effective face masks that can be made at home using natural ingredients. However, using ingredients that foster skin lightening would be the best way of making a face mask for skin that has an uneven tone. This natural face mask is made out of lemon juice, honey and crushed raw almonds that have been soaked in milk. All these ingredients can be readily available in your kitchen, making this home remedy relatively inexpensive. After converting these ingredients into a paste, apply it evenly over your face and try to use it daily. Leave in on for about half an hour and then wash your face and moisturize it thoroughly. If you’re working and do not have the time, then do it near bedtime. The results are quite dramatic, and you can notice an evening of skin color within days. However, in order to reduce dark spots effectively, this remedy would take a few months’ time.

Application of vinegar, lemon or lime juice

Another very easy and quick way to combat black spots on the face would be to apply either vinegar, lime juice or lemon juice. Leave them on your face until they dry and then gently wash off. All these ingredients are natural bleaching agents and show very good results. However, while applying vinegar, make sure that you dilute it with an equal quantity of water, as undiluted vinegar might create a stinging sensation on the skin. Apply either of these juices by using a cotton ball. This home remedy is perhaps the easiest to do. It only takes around 20 minutes for the entire process to get over. Apart from being a cheap remedy, it is extremely effective if done regularly.

Concoction of milk and honey

Another very effective and relatively inexpensive home remedy is an easy-to-make concoction of milk and honey. Mix these two natural ingredients in an equal ratio to make a smooth paste. In place of milk, you could also use buttermilk or sour milk which is abundant in lactic acid. Lactic acid has a gentle peeling effect and therefore it can effectively lighten the skin without causing any irritation. Honey has skin renewing properties which works as a foil to the milk and rejuvenates the skin. However, the results can only come if it is done on a regular basis over a period of time that can go on for months.

Strawberry and vinegar concoction

For achieving skin lightening in a natural way, you could mix in some vinegar with three crushed strawberries. Apply this mixture like an overnight face mask. A regular application of this relatively inexpensive natural face mask is great for reducing facial blemishes and dark spots. Your face will begin to look shinier and brighter as it makes the skin pores smaller. Strawberries are rich in salicylic acid which gets rid of the skin dead cells leading to a gentle and natural exfoliation of the skin. Strawberries are great as a skin cleanser and also soften the skin, apart from counteracting aging effects. Through researches it has been discovered that strawberries are rich in ellagic acids as well which helps in lightening skin pigmentation as it inhibits the production of melanin, which is the pigment responsible for hyper-pigmentation.

Mashed papaya and milk paste

Another easy-to-make face mask is by crushing together the fleshy part of a green papaya and mixing it in with milk for better results. Make sure that the face mask stays on for at least 15 minutes for best results. Papaya is a great source of Vitamin A and is also abundant in antioxidants. The ‘papain’ in papaya is good for removing dead skin cells and functions as an effective natural exfoliating agent. Using papaya in a face mask not only lightens the skin, but it also firms it up and has great anti-aging benefits. This home remedy, if done on a regular basis, can show effective results within weeks of application!

Leafy paste with turmeric, saffron and honey

This home remedy requires a number of ingredients might not be easy to acquire such as neem leaves, basil leaves, rose water and saffron. Saffron is an expensive spice, and therefore this natural treatment can be slightly expensive, however, it is quite effective altogether. For this remedy you would need 100 grams of basil leaves, mint leaves and neem leaves. Grind all three into a fine paste and add some turmeric powder to it. Thereafter, add enough rosewater and saffron soaked in a few teaspoons of milk to give it a paste-like consistency. Apply this paste to your face and leave it on for at least 20 minutes before washing it off. Each of these ingredients has a skin lightening and healing property. Neem leaves are known for their medicinal values and are effective at lightening dark skin. Rose water is also known for its astringent properties and it cleans the skin effectively. Saffron, the most expensive ingredient, produces a yellow color when it is soaked in milk. This ingredient is effective in getting rid of pimples and skin blemishes by adding a golden glow to the skin. This is a very effective home remedy if it is applied on a regular basis for a few months.

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