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Anxiety/Panic Causes

Anxiety/Panic: Causes

Top Causes

1. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

It has also been found that nearly 90 percent of the people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) go through some type of psychiatric disorders, which are a sort of anxiety or depression.

2. Post pregnancy

A panic attack may crop up as a post pregnancy symptom. If you have just given birth then you should watch out for these.

3. Poor diet

An inadequate diet or nutritional deficiencies can also cause these attacks to manifest, especially deficit of minerals like zinc and magnesium.

4. Medications

There are a number of medications and addictives that can trigger panic and anxiety attacks. Cocaine and marijuana addicts can easily suffer from such disorders. Addictives like nicotine, alcohol and caffeine can also set off bouts of anxiety and panic seizures. Chain smokers and alcohol addicts can easily suffer from these illnesses. Sometimes, when you try to give up your addictive habit, such attacks can crop up as withdrawal symptoms.

5. Illnesses

Anxiety may occur as a symptom of certain diseases, meaning that if you are already suffering from some illnesses, then it is quite likely that you will be stricken by an anxiety attack as a symptom. Usually, heart attacks or hypoglycemia can set off an anxiety attack. Even menopause, gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD), or hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism can be a cause for one feeling anxious. Patients of epilepsy or asthma can also go through the condition.

6. Personal history

Your lifestyle, culture and the environment you grew up in can be the cause of anxiety or panic attacks. If you lived in fear or suffered depression during your childhood years, then you are more likely to suffer from this disorder.

7. Stressful life events

Social stress givers can also cause anxiety and panic disorders easily. If you are going through a trying time in your life, like a job change, divorce, death or health issues, then you can develop these complications.

8. Intestinal dysbiosis

Sometimes, an abnormal level of gut bacteria can also cause one to suffer from anxiety and panic. Trace amines and toxins are released into the blood by the gut bacteria in high quantities, and these trigger the neurotransmitter in the brain causing people to feel anxious or panicked. In medical terminology, the condition in which the bacteria get abnormally distributed in the gut is called intestinal dysbiosis.

9. Genetics

Sometimes, anxiety and panic disorders run in families. So, if any of your relatives have suffered from the problem, then chances of you going through such attacks also increase. Genetic weakness can also make you more vulnerable to anxiety and panic attacks if you are going through a stressful phase in life. If your parents have suffered from bipolar disorder or depression, then the chances of you becoming vulnerable to a panic disorder get amplified considerably.

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