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Anal Leakage cure?

I am a 20 year old male and I am pretty active in sports but my problem is that I am also a sweaty guy when

I am a 20 year old male and I am pretty active in sports but my problem is that I am also a sweaty guy when I play sports I perspire a lot. I am quite fit but my ass leaks or sweats even when I’m sitting and doing absolutely nothing like watching a movie or even sleeping. I can deal with waking up a little bit sweaty. But I cannot deal with waking up very sweaty in my assist all started when I took a glycerin containing preparation for constipation. I want to know the anal leakage cure?

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  • Isaiah Jenkins

    This depends on the person’s body type. Each person has a different body type and sweats in different amounts. Usually sporty persons sweat a lot more than normal people cause their blood rate is higher.
    I know many friends who are active in sports and travel with towels and napkins stuffed in their bags. People use tampons and they work to some extent but they are not the solution as wiping them again and again causes redness, so, you can do it but you should take some precaution. My friend also suffered from the same sweaty problem for many years. He took medication, did things what other people told him but it didn’t help at all. Until he consulted a doctor who told him to apply a warm water enema which gave relief immediately. He says that it absorbs the sweat and makes him comfortable. Also do take care to remove anal hair as it can trap sweats and cause itchiness.
    Since then he is always praising that doctor and giving money to his charity…
    I hope it helps you too..
    All the best. Take care. 

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