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In the world of sexual intimacies, nothing can be more intimidating than premature ejaculations. Not only does it get your partner upset, but such PEs or Premature Ejaculations can take a toll on your relationship and state of mental health. Study shows 7

11 Exercises to last longer in bed

In the world of sexual intimacies, nothing can be more intimidating than premature ejaculations. Not only does it get your partner upset, but such PEs or Premature Ejaculations can take a toll on your relationship and state of mental health. Study shows 71 percent of men crave for better sexual endurance. So what can be the possible way out? Work hard – that’s our mantra and to make things simpler, here is a list of exercises which can guarantee longer sessions in bed together with better arousal. Try them out for a happy and kicking life with your partner.

Kegel exercise

Kegel exercises are one the most recommended bed exercises that you can perform if you are really serious about keeping the ejaculations under check. You will definitely be able to last longer in bed if you take on a consistent approach with these exercises. Bed exercises not only help one burn tons of calories but also see the muscles gaining better control over orgasms. Kegel exercises, it should be noted here, were designed specifically as exercises for pregnant woman due for delivery any moment. The reality is such exercises are actually known for their ability to make a woman’s pelvic area stronger and sturdier. When applied on men, the technique worked by controlling their penis as and when they wished to. The exercise, in fact, is so effective it helps you gain total control over the penis. In other words, Kegel is one of the most innovative workout strategies for better orgasms and longer sexual sessions.

Masturbation exercise

Masturbating a lot before sex has been proven a sure shot way to delay those ejaculations during intercourse. Masturbating helps to familiarize yourself with the capabilities you have and most importantly with your potential in bed. By practicing it regularly, you will get the feel of feeling your orgasm coming and holding it back subsequently to avoid premature ejaculation. Perform this technique to get rid of premature ejaculations and to last longer in bed. One most commonly used masturbating exercise is hanging towel from the penis and making it move up and down with the towel in place. This is performed primarily to practice muscle control in the penis. A well-controlled penis, it needs to be borne in mind, is an effective way of staying active during sex for longer than usual.

Weight Lifting

Strength training, it is said, could just as well be what the doctor or medical expert ordered for a better sex life. The reasons for this are quiet simple. To begin with, weight training causes your body to generate testosterone, the primary precursor for male sex drive. Experts, in fact, recommend lifting enough to feel tiredness or fatigue by the tenth rep. Some studies have even linked short intense exercises, like weight lifting with an increase in testosterone levels. Hence, if you wish to improve your sex life and last longer in bed, then practice sit-ups, push-ups, and crunches. These exercises can lead to an improved sex life by strengthening the chest, abs and shoulders. Upper body strength can augment your stamina, since these muscles are actually the one used during intercourse.


When it comes to having a better and spicy sex life with longer sessions in bed, trying out new positions is one of the most effective strategies. Practicing Yoga, without an iota of doubt, will give you an improved sex life by allowing the body to get into versatile and creative positions for optimum pleasure during intercourse. Yoga helps your flexibility, thereby paving way for better sex, says research. Some experts are of the opinion that it improves your stamina in the sack by drawing the energy in and up. So, practice yoga poses that help improve pelvic muscles. Notable examples in this category include the peacock pose (better known as the elbow or forearm pose), the bow pose and last but not the least, the shoulder stand.

Fast Walking

How does fast walking help bring substantial improvements in your sex life? In a study of around 30,500 men over age fifty, Harvard researchers discovered that aerobic workouts resulted in a lowered risk of ED or erectile dysfunction. In another study, it was found that aerobic activity actually burns two hundred calories per day, which is equal to fast walking for about two miles consistently. Apart from getting you slimmer, aerobic exercises, the study further revealed, lowered the risk of ED. Brisk walking is said to help erectile dysfunction by improving blood flow and circulation. Running, fast walking and other such aerobic activities help one’s sex life for much the same reason that they prevent the occurrence of heart attacks. They keep blood vessels clear and thereby serve to generate longer and stronger erections. Activities like brisk walking and running also increase the endorphin levels, leaving you relaxed and in a mood for better sex.


That swimming leads to prolonged sexual sessions became eminent, once again, when we looked at the results of a Harvard study. The research included 160 female and male swimmers. Those in their sixties reported better sex lives than those in their forties. Since sexual activity is basically an act of endurance, swimming, especially long-distance sessions, help keep you going for a long time. Swimming for thirty minutes, three times in a week, is sure to augment sexual endurance. Swimming, moreover, is also known to be a great activity for calorie loss, which can also invariably lead to improved sex. A single-blind, randomized study of close to hundred obese men with erectile dysfunction, further suggested that losing ten percent of your body weight can work wonders in improving sexual function. So, our advice is, swim as often as you can not just to stay longer in bed but also for those “Stallone” like six-pack abs.

Pelvic thrust

These exercises are known to improve sex drive in both men and women. Additionally, they also help you gain better control over muscles in the pelvic area. Moreover, they also help to release tension in the thigh and abdominal muscles. Tightening of these muscles is said to be a common cause of sexual problems. Performing pelvic thrusts is simple. It can be done either standing or lying down. The idea is to exercise the pelvis without twirling or moving other parts of the body. If you feel more comfortable practicing such exercises by lying down, then put your knees up first before rocking the buttocks slowly up and down. Be sure that it’s the only part of your body which moves off the ground. You can choose to do it slowly or quickly, as many times as it seems necessary. Loosening up the muscles that you exercise during pelvic thrusts increases your ability to get sexually aroused and hold the erection.

Jump Ropes

If you thought jumping ropes and skipping are cut out for kids only, you are wrong. Jump ropes, let us inform you, are also practiced by many body builders to augment cardio. In the first place, be sure to get the proper rope. The rope handles should be able to touch your armpits while you stand on the rope’s center. Jumping rope is one activity a majority of us have literally grown up around. So, how to jump the rope, we guess, is not much of a secret. Beginners are advised to jump for a minute without break. Those who practice skipping on a regular basis can do with sessions lasting thirty seconds each.

Mountain Climber

Start by getting down on the floor into a push up position with the stomach muscles tense. Now, bring one leg up under the chest before kicking it back into the original position. Next, bring the other leg forward. Continue the act by scrambling in one place up the ground. Once you can feel yourself getting comfortable without falling over, add some speed to the activity. You just cannot afford to get lazy with these. While it might get you breathing profusely, this is exactly where your goal lies, per se. To get all sweaty – that is the main idea here.


By doing squats, you actually put a number of muscles at work, thereby producing more hormones, a process which invariably leads to better sex drive. They also improve the stamina and strength of upper legs and gluteus muscles and help to improve your performance. Hence, what you get in return is a pleasure packed, satisfactory sex session. Last but not the least, squats also give you a firm bottom.

Steam engine

It needs to be started in a standing position, with your feet about shoulder width apart. Now, clasp your hands from behind. Next, bring the right elbow down while, at the same time, bringing the left knee up, until they touch around your waist levels. Return to a full standing position before repeating the above steps for your right knee and left elbow. This has to be done slowly at first until you have got the balance in order.

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